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#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 10/30/15


A hawk pushing it’s baby out of the nest for the first time.

Something needs to change and new steps need to be taken. All subconscious forces are nudging you to grow, grow, grow.



A wedding alter covered with flowers. Each flower was placed there by a member of the community.

Mystical partnership. It may be your partnership with yourself or with another. Whichever it is, imbue it with magic and enchantment. Simultaneously trust in the support of a larger community.



The sun rises in the morning and its rays cut through a stand of trees sending fragments of light over the land. You are the sun.

It’s time to be seen. If you have fear about that, you can let go of it now. Create a ritual to help you let go.



Running fingers through the soft fur of a polar bear. What is ferocious is also gentle.

What you think you know about your environment may be subject to change. Take a broader view. Delight in the unexpected.



A bean leaves it’s nascent home in the earth and sprouts just above the surface.

Leave security behind in pursuit of deeper and more meaningful experiences. Transform gracefully.



Practicing yoga outside in the dark. Bare hands and feet digging into the earth.

Really BE in your environment. Breathe so that you remember where you are. Practice taking care of yourself and you will be seen as a role-model. Also practice self-care so that you can safely bond with another person.



Threading a needle in preparation to sew your dreams together.

The practical and the mystical find connection. You are seeking security. Security comes through the work you do to fulfill your visions.



A rainbow that is also a bridge.

You are ready to traverse into territory that is fun and joyous. Be bright, be light, be seen by everyone. Notice where you are afraid of recognition.



Drinking cup after cup of water that you pull out of a deep well.

You may have a thirst for reconciliation. Nourish yourself. Connect to the deep well of Love to find solace.



A vast field of flowers so dense that nothing is visible but blossoms.

You are truly connected with everyone. Meditate on this idea.



The excited chatter of friends talking all at once, they are filled with anticipation and support. 

Everyone is excited to see what dreams you will make reality. You will have trust that you can transform something in order to do it. You are not alone.



A kitten and a golden rope are at the foot of a throne.

A joyous, fun-filled and childlike part of you is ready to be seen. Let go of restraints. It’s time to be seen for who you are so that you can get comfortable with the idea of being truly seen by one special person.