Hi, I'm Sandy. 
A hypnotist, writer and artful star-gazer, dedicated to helping you unleash your full potential in your relationships, your career and beyond.



I grew up in rural south-eastern Wisconsin. When I wasn’t reading (which was almost always), I was exploring the woods by myself. The land I lived in had been swept by ancient glaciers—there were few rocks larger than pebbles, and the sand was finely sifted. One day, deep in a forest exploration (I used to try to get lost, which never worked), I found an unusual bolder—white and perfectly round. I immediately deemed this my magic place, and I often visited. I would go there just to sit.

I still visit this place in my imagination everyday. I begin every meditation at the rock. It centers me and helps me connect the dots in the constellation of my experience.


Helping Modern Explorers Find Their North Star...



My moments of most profound growth are the times that I’ve been tested, challenged and stretched. These were painful moments, but in hindsight, I look at those challenging experiences as being the sweetest…those were the times that everything got turned upside down and I had to reorient myself. I had to clean off my compass and find my due North. To do so, I found it necessary to release outdated ways of thinking and choose a new perspective. I learned to make mindset shifts that have allowed me to create a vision for my life and follow it.

During these “phoenix rising” experiences I learned that I needed to create a support system of amazing therapists, astrologers, healers, coaches, and friends. (If you need a referral, just ask!) That support made all the difference. That support made growth and healing possible.   

I know that there are more stretchy and challenging times ahead. But now, instead of being worried about the “unpredictable” nature of life, I feel confident in my ability to find the support I need to help me look at my shadow, feel my feelings fully, and grow.




You are unique. By looking at your chart, I get to see just how special you are.


I was blessed to have received the gift of astrology at a young age. My step-mom is an astrologer and I’m grateful to have had her as a teacher. I learned to read a chart through osmosis, gathering snippets of information daily. By default, I learned that you can never judge a person by what you see on the outside. Our potential and depth is vast and individually unique.

Moreover, I learned that you are in charge of how you “live your chart.” You get to choose. You are the author of your life. I’ve been able to use my astrology chart as a tool for insight into who I am and who I WANT to become.


Astrology can be empowered


In my work with clients and students, I look for the insight that astrology can offer. What are signatures of your life purpose? How do you emotionally react? What do you have energy for? What do you need in a relationship? What can potentially get in your way and how can you create practices to turn your challenges into growth?

Early on in my astrology practice, I found that I was craving a tool to use that could help people make the changes and shifts they want to make. Astrology provides the insight, but what could support the change?

At the same time I was moving deeper into my study of the law of attraction, which states that what you believe on deep levels is what you attract, sometimes subconsciously. What could help people shift their point of attraction? I wasn’t sure, but I knew I wanted to learn a new tool to help people find integral healing and growth. I began to pray for a solution, and within a few days, I stumbled upon hypnosis. It was a clear YES.

I received my hypnosis training and certification at the New York Hypnosis Training School, the only board of education certified school in the state. My certification as a Consulting Hypnotist is through the National Guild of Hypnotists.

I use astrology and hypnosis together to help you gain insight and actively create the positive change you want to make.