You already know yourself. You don’t need me to tell you who you are. 

But maybe you still have a tiny, nudging curiosity…

Maybe that curious part of you wants to be seen and TRULY understood. To have your uniqueness noticed and appreciated.


Astrology for Insight

The thing I hear most of the time from my clients is, “It’s like you’re in my head!” I usually laugh and nod, but I’m not surprised. Because, it’s not some special gift I have. It’s just the awesomeness of astrology. Astrology is a map. And it clearly shows who you are; your uniqueness, your nuances, your individual-as-a-snowflake personality, what your challenges are, what your gifts are, and a heck of a lot of info about the cycles that you’re in right now.

My favorite thing about astrology is that it is the most ancient accumulation of psychological knowledge. An astrology session helps you hear all of the different psychological parts of yourself, like instruments in an orchestra. Then, instead of being overwhelmed by the different noises, you get to be the conductor. The result? You stay “in tune.” In alignment.

I’m kind of like a Law of Attraction astrologer. (Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? If not, that is an internet rabbit-hole you MUST go down, my Beloved Modern Explorer.) As a self-labeled Law of Attraction astrologer, I will urge you to use your chart to find out what your deeper blocks are, what your most profound gifts are, and most especially— how to get into the vibration of YOUR VISION. So that you can create it. And live it.

Hypnosis for Change

And actually… that’s why I chose to become a Consulting Hypnotist. Because hypnosis is the BEST way to bring your brain up to speed with what you want.

As we grow, we change. A lot. We upgrade. Sometimes, we realize that the old way isn’t working. But our subconscious mind might not be ready to make the changes that the conscious mind is ready for. And the result is: lingering blocks, habits that won’t die, residual fears and worries. This all takes a lot of energy. 

We use hypnosis as a state of concentrated attention, helping you integrate your updated beliefs on deep subconscious levels. I use hypnosis with clients who want to: increase self-love, get confident, change habits, quit smoking, ease anxiety, shift disordered eating, improve public speaking, sleep better, overcome heartbreak, heal relationship patterns, heal sexual issues, and make the money flow in! Most of all I love helping my astrology clients use hypnosis to integrate the energies in their astrology charts.


12th House Astrology + Hypnosis Coaching

The 12th house is the section of your birth chart that symbolizes your subconscious mind. In this program, we systematically unpack your hidden gifts and old blocks-- think of it as cleaning out the closet. What's in there anyway? What amazing forgotten jacket needs to be rediscovered? What old shoes have got to go? 

As you go through the old stuff, you also get really clear about the new stuff you are ready to make room for. 

And then make room you do. 

Throughout the program, we will reference your astrology chart as a guide. You'll pick one or two life areas or patterns that you are ready to reinvigorate-- money, self-love, purpose, relationships, etc.  And we'll use the tool of hypnosis to help you activate the life areas that you are ready to light up.

Transformation, check. 


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“My astrology reading with Sandy was in-depth, comprehensive and specific. Having your chart read can be a vulnerable experience, but Sandy is sensitive and thoughtful and I felt completely safe and cared for during our meeting. She has a gift for relaying what she reads in your chart into language that is both beautiful and practical. I met with her over a month ago, but I have thought about the reading and applied its lessons to my life every day since.”
— Shannon Fitzpatrick
“I highly recommend getting a reading done with Sandy. I had no idea what to expect when I first scheduled my appointment but it was so eye opening on so many different levels. Sandy was knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. We explored many different areas and by the end of it I felt like I had a better understanding of myself. I know we just scratched the surface and I am excited to learn more from her. Thanks Sandy!”
— Neale Holaday