Horoscopes for May 14 - May 20

Taurus // Taurus Rising
A firefly lights up. There is an illumination. Electrical currents are being stimulated within you and it might not feel normal. Notice the new ideas that are coming in. You are ready for real change. Change is unpredictable and that might not be very comfortable for you. Set intentions that direct the changes. Remember, you are the conductor. The energy is coming through you and you can tell it where to go.

Horoscopes for April 30 - May 6

Taurus or Taurus Rising
A lightening bolt. A lightening bolt is surprising. It comes out of nowhere and its trajectory is unpredictable. How will you let yourself be broken open in fresh surprising ways? A partnership can stretch you and help you pop into a whole new way of being. Be brave and zap yourself out of your comfort zone. You’re grounded enough to help the current of change flow in the right direction.

Horoscopes for April 23 - April 29

Taurus // Taurus Rising
A precious diamond. You have an opportunity to get familiar with new facets of yourself. Let your individuality shine. You can begin by complimenting yourself and being kind to yourself. Take good care of your body. That will help you feel the confidence to bedazzle. Tend to your body, mind and spirit and you will feel more grounded. Then you can truly sparkle.

Horoscopes for April 16 - April 22

Aries // Aries Rising
Bunnies in a field. You’re eating and growing. Look around for inspiration in the new grasses and tiny flowers. You are fresh and new. Can you feel it? Trust that you have every right to be here and relax into softness if possible. When something startles you, your instinct this week may be to overreact. Look for ways to feel safe and happy just being yourself.

Horoscopes for April 2 - April 8

Aries // Aries Rising
The petals of a sunflower are vibrant and connected. You are yearning to reach higher and have the brilliance of your yellow petals reflect the light of high noon. In the process of growth there are obstacles. Talk to your inner critic so that it doesn’t control the conversation. See the obstacles as friends. See the growth as expansive. You are reaching higher and you are seen. Focus on heart and hearth, especially when it comes to career. You have one path of growth and it reaches straight upwards.

Horoscopes for March 19 - March 25

Aries :: Aries Rising
Acrobats flying through the air. You are free. The ropes are meant to support you, not bind you. Don’t look at everything as if it’s a rope that needs to be cut. Some of these supports are keeping you in the air. So, be cautious about what you cut away. This is a time for fresh action, spontaneity and play. Be like a dash of light across the sky.

Horoscopes for March 12 - March 18

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A half-shell. So much opportunity is available to you now. Notice the gifts that you’ve been given in this life. Wrap them up and present them on a half-shell. Re-give them to yourself. Honor yourself as the pearl that you are. Because this is the truth that lies inside each of us. Finding ways to prove to yourself that you are special will help you find the expansion that you are ready for. This is a dreamy time. So be dreamy— journal, meditate and look for the magic that exists in every moment. Each of these actions will help you remember that you are a gift.