astrological overview

Astrological Overview for the Week of March 28 - April 3rd

Image: Sandy Sitron

Monday, March 28th- Venus Semi-Sextile Uranus

Harmony gets disrupted, shifted... maybe even reinvigorated? Expect Uncomfortable Newness. Accept it. Receive it.


Tuesday, March 29th- Venus Conjunct South Node, Mercury Inconjunct Jupiter, Mercury Trine Saturn

Take stock of your skills. Really. Write a list of your gifts and talents. Then add to the list the things that make you happy. As you write them, feel that happiness. This is your foundation.


Wednesday, March 30th- Venus Conjunct Chiron, Mercury Square Pluto, Sun Semi-sextile Neptune

Now it’s time for deep healing. Make sure to set aside some time to meditate. You may need the clarity that comes from meditation today. There is focus on the “control vs. letting go” axis. You may want to heal and let go, but to do that you will have to be able to loosen your grip on your old story.


Thursday, March 31st- Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Dynamite. After all the healing work that happened yesterday, now it’s time to institute some NEW ways of thinking. Blow up the old ways, clear out the debris, allow new inspiration. All for the sake of freedom from the past.


Friday, April 1st- Mercury Sesqui-quadrate Mars, Mercury Inconjunct N. Node, Mercury Semi-sextile Chiron

A few minor aspects that collectively may signify seeking alignment and the potential frustration that can accompany that. Easy does it. Sometime the mind is a wily beast. Your alignment will come from being gentle. with yourself. Clearing the mind is key today.


Saturday, April 2nd- No major or minor aspects.


Sunday, April 3rd- Mercury Semi-Square Neptune

A little tension here today between thinking and dreaming. That could mean that you feel cloudy and out-of-it. It could mean that you are aren’t understanding the reality of a situation. Or, conversely, you could be missing the forest for the trees— too caught up in the details and out of alignment. To use this aspect to your advantage, it may help to remind yourself to tune into your intuition and also make an effort to be very present throughout the day. You could also just give into the dream world— spend the day at the movies, go to the park or be creative in your favorite way.