Part 3: Saturn as the Boss


Saturn is my favorite planet because when I was born Saturn was at the highest point in the sky. That means that in my natal chart, Saturn is connected to my Midheaven, aka MC, aka Career Point. 

I feel like I’m destined to do Saturn work in the world. 

And so here I am describing the many archetypes of Saturn. Over the last weeks I’ve described Saturn as the Life coach, Saturn as the Teacher, and Saturn as the Inner-Critic (everyone’s fave.)  Stick with me cause today I’m gonna describe Saturn as the Boss.

And if you want even more Saturnian deliciousness, you can join me live next week for a free webinar all about the Saturn cycle. (Including the Saturn Return!) I’m teaming up with my beloved friend and birthday twin Dana Balicki. She’s a life coach so we be going deep in this webinar. 

My newest motto (I decided on it today) is “Walk toward the change when it’s time.” 

You know when it’s time. 

And if it’s time, join us for the webinar.

Saturn is the boss. A good boss works on a business, not in a business. That means that the boss has the birds-eye view and can see what needs to happen for success. The boss can make the 2 month plan, the 1 year plan and the 5 year plan. The boss is not chasing every email and taking the temperature of every patient. The boss is looking at the systems and the structure, envisioning the future and processing the past. 
When Saturn comes into your life you need to take a step back and survey the scene.
Is it working? 
What needs to change? 

A good boss sets the rules and is consistent so that the employees can work effectively and feel confident that they are meeting the requirements that are set out for them. 
When Saturn comes into your life, you have to evaluate your boundaries. You check in to see if you are being clear and consistent, so that things work easily.
When you find yourself craving structure, healthy boundaries and support, that’s Saturn. Saturn is prodding you to make things easier for yourself, somehow.

A good boss is realistic and logical. Saturn is king of the Earthly realm. The archetype of practicality. Saturn people have a matter-of-fact way of speaking. Saturn is related to Father Time, Cronos. Saturn is grounded.
When Saturn comes into your life, you check in.
Am I being realistic? 
Is this practical?

Saturn helps us shed old patterns that weren’t working so well— so that we can uplevel! So that we can move on up to a better way of doing things. 
A way that’s more appropriate and matches our growth.

A good boss finds support when necessary. She knows that support, education, and guidance are efficient and priceless.
When Saturn comes into your life it’s time to get the right kind of support. Support that helps you meet what you’re coming up against and GROW. Support that reminds you that others have walked before you and been there. You are not alone. You can get the help that you need.
A good boss knows that.

Be the best Saturn for yourself. (Remember Saturn is an archetype and we all have all the archetypes within us.) Help yourself get the bird’s-eye view. Help yourself create healthy boundaries. Help yourself live in this weird Earthly realm with practical systems that work. Help yourself get the support that you need so that you can shift and grow. 

If you are looking for a new kind of support, we’ve got a free webinar for you! All about Saturn… so, walk toward the change if it’s time.