Part 1: Saturn as the Teacher & Life Coach


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If astrology was a play, the planets would be the actors...

The planets are the archetypes. Mars is the warrior, Venus is the lover, Mercury is the thinker. Saturn and Jupiter are both our teachers. Saturn helps you learn through contraction, Jupiter helps you learn through expansion. 

Another way to say that is, Saturn is the teacher who say-- "You missed an important question on the test. Go back and take the whole test over so that I can be sure you're ready to move to the next level." While Jupiter is the teacher who says, "If you could be anything in the world, what would it be? Dream big!" 

Each planet has more than just one facet, or archetype. For example Mercury may be the Thinker, but he's also the Messenger. Mars is the Warrior and the Leader. Saturn's archetypes can also be the Wise Elder, the Boss, and the Inner Critic (among others).

Most of us have a complicated relationship with our Authoratative Teacher planet Saturn, so I'm going write about a couple of Saturn's different archetypes in the next few emails. I'll start with the teacher and the life coach.

#1 Saturn as the Authoratative Teacher
Saturn practices a kind of tough love. Saturn shows up to teach us lessons. You can look at your Saturn sign to get an idea of your big life lessons. You can look at the house your Saturn is in to get a sense of the life area your lessons mostly manifest in.

Lessons are meant to be learned. And they are meant to help us grow and THRIVE. Lessons are not happening to punish us. They are meant to stretch us.

Saturn is the teacher who says, go back-- go back to the root of this issue. Fix it at the root. Figure out what you need to learn to solve this. Don't gloss over it. If you skip it, the lesson will show up again later.

Have you had a teacher in your life who was a little bit on the tough side, but that helped you learn more than you would have otherwise?

Saturn can be that tough-love teacher who tells you to go back and do it over. But Saturn is also the teacher who hands out awards for a job well done. When you've really worked hard, Saturn has no problem lifting you up, helping you get to the next level and reminding you that you deserve it!

#Saturn as the Life Coach
I've been thinking about this one recently because I was listening to my fave live coach Dana Balicki describe how important it is to get to the root of the pattern. When you heal the emotions and needs at the root of a pattern (usually this is old stuff), the pattern dissolves. And I thought-- oh this is what Saturn the Life Coach is helping us do. Look deeper at the root. Heal. Grow. 

Sometimes facing the issue head-on is hard. That's when we feel stuck, or we avoid or resist. But luckily, there are certain times in our lives when we can't ignore the coaching. Saturn energy burns high approximately every 7 years* and we come to a moment when it feels important to act differently. These are good times for us to coach ourselves into a new way of being. Find structure and support (more key Saturn words).

Over the next two weeks I'll show you two other facets of Saturn-- the "Inner Critic" and the "Boss." In the meantime, did you have any experiences with tough-love styled teachers? I had a couple of them around the age of 15 (at my first Saturn Opposition-- a key age in the Saturn cycle!) How about you?

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