Horoscopes for December 3 - December 9

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
An ant on a twig. You are supported. Being supported and feeling supported are two different things. The universe is offering assistance. Accept it the same way a tiny ant accepts the support of the twig on which it walks. The ant doesn’t overthink how the support got there, it just takes advantage of the pathway. Keep moving, with fire, optimism and love. Let your instinct drive you.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Weaving flowers. Keep busy and you’ll understand what you’re supposed to do. Beauty isn’t normally a big part of your sign’s symbolism. But for now, let beauty inspire. Connection to nature, Earth and beauty can open you up to inner knowing. Stay active and focus on appreciation. This helps you act in alignment with your intuition, so that your path lights up ahead of you. 

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A horse coughs. A horse symbolically represents journey, freedom, power. A cough symbolizes bringing something to the surface. Seems pretty straightforward. Bring your enthusiasm and your gallop to the surface. Where are you going? What’s the vision for the future? What missing piece will set you free? You might need to coax the answers forward—cough it up, so to speak. Contemplate these questions and set some intentions.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Studying the charts. Examine. It’s time to look for clues. Review the past and set the future course. If you aren’t actually studying a situation this week, you’ll have to redo later. Spend some time examining your data. This isn’t literal advice, just consider which area of your life would benefit from extra research and a systematic approach. That’s where you need to place your attention now.

Aries // Aries Rising
Stomping the Earth. An emphatic gesture. This stomping is meant to get your attention so you can set your intention. You have to decide. Put yourself on notice that this is the week to journey toward your purpose. Take what you know and it’s time to go. Your heart is calling. You now have enough information to answer your “why” questions. “Why” questions relate to your motivation. Make the decisions you need to make and then aim for the stars. 

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Stepping stones underwater. Just deep enough that your feet will get wet, but the waters are safe and gentle. So step in. Move across the river. Water represents feelings. It’s uncomfortable when your shoes get soggy, but it’s the only way to get where you want to go. Pay attention to the current feelings. Invite the old forgotten emotions to come forward too. Feeling all the feelings will help you reach your true destination. 

Gemini // Gemini Rising
A freight train moves fast. You can carry baggage, but you can still go fast. Start where you are. Common advice is to “get over it,” “think positive,” etc. But that won’t work right now. You have to look at your baggage around relationships. Know that moving forward on the track is inevitable, so you won’t get stuck. But take stock of the cargo you’re carrying so that you can communicate more clearly in the future. 

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Ocean waves. Maybe the waves are like the breath of the Earth and Sea. In and out. In and out. Focus on your breath. Any simple, embodied practice developed now will help you find expansion later. Meditation or Breathwork is recommended. This is a moment to keep things very simple, detailed, deliberate and focused. Simple, healthy practices developed now will have an exponential affect on your life. 

Leo // Leo Rising
Ouroboros. If you follow the snake longe enough, you’ll follow it all around the globe until it catches its own tail and infinity is realized. Translation 1: Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. Translation 2: Don’t take yourself so seriously. The snake symbolizes creative life force. You are renewed. You are reborn. So live! Don’t let ego get in the way. 

Virgo // Virgo Rising
Lioness. A mother lion will protect her cubs at all costs. She is the fighter and the provider. If you need fierce mother energy activated in your psyche, call on her energy. You are a baby cub supported by fierce mother lion. You can surrender. And you can be fierce and strong whenever you wish. Contemplate this symbol and set intentions around receiving nurturance and security. 

Libra // Libra Rising
A satellite dish. You are taking in ideas and digesting information. Notice to what extent. At this time you’re extra sensitive and receptive. Your mental antennae are activated and receiving signals. Carefully moderate what comes through. It’s important not to go into information overload. With the right filters in place, this can be a heightened phase of teaching and learning.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A kitten laps up milk. There are many resources available. Understand that you have what you need. It’s time to feel satisfied. The symbolic kitten is eating milk, so it doesn’t need milk. Your sense of satiation will help you make better decisions. Metaphorically speaking, don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Apply this metaphor to every area of your life.