Horoscopes for December 10 - December 16

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Popping bubble wrap. What brings you satisfaction? When you feel satisfied, there’s a feeling of completion. Of course these moments are meant to be impermanent, since impermanence is the law of nature. So your quest is not to feel satisfied all the time. Instead, celebrate your satisfaction. Revel in it when it happens. Notice those small moments even when your to-do list is a mile long. It will help you feel at home with yourself. 

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Skipping stones. You are navigating the surface issues in your life. Don’t forget to address the motivations that are below the surface— your emotions and core beliefs. Even though you’re busy out there in the real world, you can’t ignore your inner world. At intervals throughout the week, turn your gaze inward. Reflect on your dreams and your feelings. Feel the feelings. It will help everything make sense. 

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Fire ceremony. You can set your intentions out into the universe. Use ceremony and ritual to seed your intentions and nurture them to development. Stay focused on the vision. You must be able to trust in your future or you’ll be constantly insecure. Build up your confidence and self-trust by believing in your dreams and centering your energy on possibility.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Sipping through a straw. Up, up, up. There’s only one direction you’re supposed to go. Find support. Find the tools, resources and people that will help you achieve. None of us are born with everything we need. We’re supposed to learn, and develop. It might be time to update the way you think of yourself so that you are an energetic match for your own success. 

Aries // Aries Rising
A leopard. The leopard’s spots are the perfect camouflage. They mimic the shadows of leaves. How have you been trying to blend in? What ferocious truth is ready to be unleashed? When you leap out of the shadows and announce to the world who you are, what is lost and what is gained? When you have found your answers, it’s wonderful to share them. But remember, it’s okay to retreat back into the question too.   

Taurus // Taurus Rising
The bottom of a river. Look for your answers at the bottom of the stream. It’s a shallow stream, ankle deep and clear as air. You can see everything you need to see, as long as you’re really looking. Water represents emotions, so examine your true feelings. But try to remain objective. Receive help from a friend or counselor so that you can really sift through the sediment and sand in an organized way. Tending to your feelings is simple, natural and straightforward. 

Gemini // Gemini Rising
Binoculars. Through two lenses comes one image. Can you share your unique perspective with someone, listen to their viewpoint, and arrive at compromise? You’ll arrive at compromise by really listening. On a normal day there are so many chances to blend your viewpoint with someone else’s. It doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself.  Opening yourself to an outside perspective will simply help you learn. 

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Rowing the boat. To get to where you want to go, you need to get into a rhythm. You need to practice. You can’t just row one stroke and expect to arrive. This symbol inspires patience, and it also asks you to let go of perfection. Give yourself a lot of chances to get where you’re going. Don’t judge every emotional current that pushes against you. It’s the daily practice that will support you. 

Leo // Leo Rising
Making faces. It’s time to take a little more ownership over how you’re feeling. Practice making faces at yourself in the mirror. Practice all kinds of emotions. Do this practice so that you can see how quickly you can cycle through all the different feelings. The important thing for you right now is to envision yourself as the creator. The more you can feel like you’re creating the emotional experience of your own choosing, the more options you’ll have. So play around with it. 

Virgo // Virgo Rising
A heart beat. It’s often only possible to react to daily responsibilities. Instead, your attention is currently being directed to the core issues that are most important. Ignore the external factors and focus on your internal needs. This is a time for deep emotional healing. You need to clear emotionally and energetically so that you can step back into your responsibilities with focus and clarity. Tend to your inner world. 

Libra // Libra Rising
Carrots. This is the carrot that tantalizes the donkey. What tasty tidbit is firing up your curiosity and activating your mind? What idea is propelling you forward right now? If you don’t have one, it’s time to find one. Brainstorm. If you’re clear on what it is, focus there. Talk about it and hash it out. It may turn out to be something that you need to share through teaching, writing or generally communicating. 

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A floating crown. Solid gold. A symbol of power and prestige. It floats in the air, so it’s available. Take it for yourself. Crown yourself and make yourself powerful. Imagining yourself wearing this crown will activate a strong sense of security and a deep knowledge of your creative power. This symbol can help you have faith and trust in your own deeply rooted stability.