Horoscopes for June 5th-11th

image by the numinous

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Dancing close. It’s time to reach for a connection. Sometimes, our relationships are our greatest teachers. Whatever the lesson is, take responsibility for your experience so that you can find your internal power. Carry a sense of optimism into your relationships. Bring the love with you, and you’ll always find it there. Create a philosophy that says, “I don’t let other people’s moods tell me how to feel. I love myself and as I move through the world, my love expands.”

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A rushing waterfall. Cleansing the spirit. Wash yourself clean by making sure all of the details are organized. Literally clean your home and your body. Plan out your meals for the week ahead. Pay attention to your nutrition and exercise. Be a busy bee, getting everything settled and sorted. These healthy foundations will help you feel refreshed and even optimistic.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Writing in cursive. You’re doing things with an extra flourish. Allow yourself to be even more showy and creative. Have you been spending enough time in the limelight? You deserve a gold-star, so make sure that the world knows it. Sometimes you have to really push yourself to get out there and get that recognition. Do it! It’s what you’re here for.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
An earthworm churning the earth. You’re making sure that you get all of the nutrients you need. Does your environment serve you—do you feel sheltered and safe? Do you have a support system— family and friends who listen to you, see you and hold you close? Do you have opportunities to nurture other people? If any of these areas need attention, begin by deciding how you would like it to be. Create intentions for home, family, intimacy and nurturance. Make sure that your environment supports your growth.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Sailboats racing across a channel. Let your mind move faster. Explore new ideas. Brainstorm. Look for solutions where it might seem that there are none. This is your time for learning. There’s pressure on you to “apply yourself.” You can do that. And you can also get a little more cheerful about the stuff you’re learning. Be thoughtful and ethical, but also increase your sense of fun and adventure.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A leopard waiting on a rock ledge. You’ve got a stable foundation, but you’re ready to jump. The last couple of years have been teaching you how to provide for yourself. You’ve been learning how to get yourself all stable and secure. Now it’s time to take a leap. Nothing irresponsible, but maybe a little bit wild. By leaping forward, you’ll come to understand just how strong you’ve become.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Fireworks in the sky. Celebrate yourself. You’ve been learning how to view yourself as an authority and get your message out there. But don’t forget that you’re a nature-loving, soul-seeking, zestful adventurer! You need a chance to bound joyfully across the vast and glorious Earth. You need to let loose and remember how to play. Search for a sense of optimism in everything you do. From that place of uplifting self-confidence, imbue your day with an air of celebration.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
An ostrich with it’s head in the sand. This symbol represents oblivion, but maybe it’s just asking you to seek a different perspective. View your world upside-down. Instead of relying on logic, become a little more intuitive. You’ve got to look at things in a new way. And if do happen to be doing that oblivious ostrich thing, this advice definitely still applies. If you’re feeling very foggy or confused, binge-watching TV, or reaching for anything compulsively, that means it’s time to tap into your intuition.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Vetiver grasses blowing in the breeze. Vetiver is cleansing, grounding and stabilizing. You’ll want to be grounded and stable because it’s time for a new approach. Open your mind to fresh possibilities. You’re ready to get into the jet-stream of Aquarian innovation. The breeze is blowing, so let the wind carry you to new heights of consciousness. If you open yourself up to it, you can think about things in a new way. Keep your feet on the ground, but let your imagination break free.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A school of fish. Intuitive leadership. Who leads the school of fish? How does that level of synchronicity develop? To us humans, it may look like just a keenly developed instinct. A survival skill. But how does it feel for the fish? Does it feel like being part of one big living thing? Is it an incredible feeling of connection? You’re learning how to shine as a leader. Use your sensitivity and your intuition to choose actions that feel perfectly in sync.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Hot air balloons in the distance. Journey far from what you know. Allow your sense of adventure to take over. You can see new things, you can learn new things, you can reach new levels of joy. Don’t let yourself get stuck in beliefs that you never agreed to. Reassess everything. Let go of the beliefs that need to be upgraded. Ride a hot air balloon to the wisdom that awaits you just over the next hillside.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Freshly planted seeds lined up in even rows. You know what you’re doing. You have all the facts. You have the science backing you up. But it’s never a sure thing, even when you’ve done all your research. There are still variables. The rabbits might attack in droves or the sun might hide behind the clouds. The important take-away here is that you can’t control everything. So why try? Do your best, let go of the rest. This is how you cultivate inner peace.