Horoscopes for May 29th-June 4th

This week's AstroNews... 

Monday Mars opposite Saturn

This aspect puts your engine (Mars) in direct confrontation with your structure (Saturn). So this could go a couple of different ways.

One possibility is that you get thing moving. Example: The engine (Mars) is placed correctly on a sturdy chassis (Saturn). The race-car you are driving is fast, powerful and indestructible.

Another possibility is burnout, or perceived limitations. Example: The engine is in the wrong place or is the wrong size. Or maybe the chassis is broken (your Saturn systems aren't working). In any of these cases, you could burn out or feel limited. 

The work- Tighten up your systems and structures. Pay attention to what motivates you. Attend to your pace. Maybe you need to slow down or speed up. 

Tuesday Mars sextile Uranus

A nice day for creativity and "aha" moments. Look for inspiration. Discover what makes you feel free.

Wednesday Mercury trine Pluto

Easy release. Notice what you're ready to let go of. Create a peaceful ceremony or ritual to help yourself process and release. Your mind (Mercury) is primed for harmonious (trine) transformation (Pluto).

Thursday Venus trine Saturn

Those structures that you started refining or attending to on Monday are ready for easy integration. Make your systems beautiful, fun and life-affirming. 

Friday Mars square Chiron

Deep dive into the old wounds. If anything triggers you today, it's an opportunity to heal. Mars wants you to do something and Chiron wants you to heal. Get busy. But don't just reach compulsively because you're getting triggered and you don't want to notice your feelings. Use your tools! Get support. Work with anger productively. It's okay to say "I'm angry." The world won't fall apart. Just so long as you don't saddle someone else with your anger. Take responsibility for your feelings.

Saturday Venus conjunct Uranus

Beautiful One meets up with the Great Awakener. I'm seeing this as a good day to break out the sequins and finger paints. Notice beauty everywhere today. See the beauty in the bag of trash that's been missed by the garbage collectors for the last three consecutive weeks. (Ah, New York City is a special place ;) The beauty you discover will inspire you and fuel important changes.

Croquet (c. 1878), by James Tissot.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Playing a game of croquet in the garden. Taking aim and making contact. Harness a sense of self-direction. What are you aiming for in relationships, work and health? Take note of your surroundings. Notice your limitations. Be intent on your purpose. Play fair, and be assertive. Focus on the fun of the game. Find enjoyment in knowing your strengths. Try not to see others as limiting you. Look to those around you for new techniques and wisdom.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Dreaming in a meadow. Let yourself be transported. Take time away from it all to let your daydreams flourish. You need to let yourself transcend your everyday concerns. Find spiritual escape. Choose the thoughts that will make you feel uplifted and connected. Choose to dream a little bit more. Decide to be hopeful and faithful.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Riding an old fashioned bicycle. Inventions transform the quality of life. Can you be more inventive? Can you approach the issues in your life with a curiosity? Will you see every challenge as an opportunity for creative problem solving? Don’t get caught up in the details, instead, zoom out and see the big picture. Create a vision for progress. Don’t try to stifle your creativity. Broaden your mind and think big.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Hamsters storing food. Settle in. Make a cozy nest. Give yourself what you need so that you can grow. Your structured security will be the foundation that will allow you to expand. When you take action at work or out in public make sure that you remember how supported you are. You have everything you need, so the actions you take out in the world can be fueled by a sense of security instead of a fear of scarcity.

Libra :: Libra Rising
In the distant sky, the clouds drift apart and the sun shines through. Look up. What are you aiming for when it comes to your ideals, philosophies and ethics? Can you walk your talk? Can you take your concepts of how you would like your world to be and bring them into your daily thoughts and actions? Notice the advice that you give to others and implement it for yourself. Bring your attention to your own mindset instead of distracting yourself with what other people should be doing. Move your fantasies and ideals down from the clouds and activate them in your everyday life.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Hopping across lily pads. Hopping represents lightness. The amphibious frog signifies a blend between the elements Earth and Water. Earthy, rooted, security helps you swim through your watery emotions. Move through your emotions with lightness. Keep letting go. Over and over again. Hop, hop, hop. It’s time to shift aeons of unprocessed emotions. Just go for it. Make it feel safe by getting grounded through routines, disciplines and structures.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
The wise Sage waits in a cave. You are growing wise and connecting with your inner knowledge. For whom are you waiting? A soul mate? A teacher? A student? Some kind of business partner or friend? As you grow more stable in who you are, this other person makes progress on the way to meet you. Hone your skills of diplomacy and your skills of leadership. Be comfortable with yourself and be ready to explore the challenges and benefits of partnership.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A child makes potholders on a small loom. Pay attention to the details. Get your work, home, heath and habits in order. As you do so, you may encounter objects or emotions that take you on a trip down memory lane. This may bring up subconscious associations and triggers. It’s time for you to work through any hidden emotions or subconscious blocks so that you can come into your own next year. Confront nostalgia head on. Find your source of power by putting energy into changing and improving your health, habits and environment. Make space in your actual environment so that you can move mountains in your subconscious environment.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A chemist in the lab. You are learning to honor yourself for your own uniqueness.You are special just by being alive. If you’ve been paying a lot of attention to the problems of the world, it may be helpful now to place your attention on yourself. There is more to be learned from within. You can’t save the world. but you can make improvements in your own life. Those improvements will have a greater impact than you can imagine. Make the change within yourself to be an alchemist out in the world.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Head down, working in the field. Diligence. Hard work will take you far. You are planting seeds and you must have faith that they will grow into healthy crops. Pay attention to your home, family or emotional security and put in some solid efforts in these departments. That work will later pay off through self-respect and a sense of personal authority in your career.

Aries :: Aries Rising
The wheels way up in the middle of the air. Your understanding of your spirituality, religion, or dedication can help you define your direction. Discover new beliefs through travel, reading, or some other kind of explorative journey. Then bring the fire of your beliefs into your daily thoughts. Begin or continue a practice of daily affirmations or journaling. You are making progress. Affirmations, prayers, mantras or journaling will help you understand your progress. Get inspired by the idea of forward motion.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Soaking your feet in hot springs. You have traveled far. Now it’s time to rest. Settle in, make space, slow down. Mellowing out the pace will help you feel more secure. You’ll need this space and time so that you can process any emotions that need to be processed. And at some point this month you’ll want to take stock of your resources— your sense of self-worth and your financial worth. These are big endeavors, so for now, restore your energy. There is no rush. You have all the time in the world. Let yourself luxuriate. Doing so will help you feel grounded and prepared.