Horoscopes for May 8th-14th

image by the numinous

Hello! Here's your energy forecast for the week... 

Mercury conjunct Uranus, Sun trine Pluto
This is the third conjunction between Mercury and Uranus since the end of March. It's been zapping us with a cosmic mental upgrade. Thinking bigger and better. It's also been a dose of erratic mental energy. Distraction city. Let the static electricity shock you with an aha moment. Open up to it. 
And yeah, Pluto trine Sun takes it a little further. You are the snake wriggling out of your old skin. Eureka! A whole new perspective can be yours. Just let go of what is no longer serving you.
Today we have a Full Moon in Scorpio. 
Right on the heels of Pluto trine the Sun, this is a good one. (Pluto rules Scorpio.) GET READY for your transformation. Just let go already. Spend a little time in contemplation. And then let something go. Write it down, burn the paper. No mas. 
The Moon might ask you to celebrate your transformation. What intention did you set at the Taurus new moon? Celebrate it. 
The Moon might ask you to be more vulnerable. Are you ready? 
Mars square Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn
These aspects right after the Full Moon are asking you to stabilize your transformation. (Mercury trine Saturn) Own it. Tell yourself what it is was, decide what you think about it and make sure it matches your ethics. 
And decide where you will direct your magic for the next few weeks. (Mars square Neptune) Will it be internally directed or externally directed?
Mars trine Jupiter
Bam! Get it done sis! This is the moment where you do the thing, be yourself, show off, make it happen. Expansive Jupiter is beaming at action-packed Mars.
Mercury semi-sextile Chiron
And a Saturn day wouldn't be complete without some reconciliation. Think about your past and let old emotions release. Heal and put things in gentle perspective.
Mercury semi-square Neptune, Mercury trine North Node
Drift and dream with the unicorn brigade on Sunday as mind-wave Mercury nudges extraterrestrial Neptune. Maybe your unicorn brigade will carry you into alignment with your North Node purpose. Open your mind to impressions of your purpose.

Enjoy the planetary repartee this week!
xoxo Sandy

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Pulling petals off a daisy. “He loves me, he loves me not.” The daisy petals fall. The “truth” is revealed. This symbol speaks of longing, hope and desire— a myriad of different feelings ranging from discomfort to exhilaration. Relationships bring many emotions. Honor these emotions with a high degree of tolerance. Tolerance for shortcomings (your own and someone else’s). Tolerance for confusion. Tolerance for exhilaration. Tolerance is acceptance. Acceptance fosters emotional security. Practice tolerance so that you aren’t reliant on a daisy for your sense of security.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A handprint in clay. Your handprint. You are molding something. Making something. It’s yours. Take responsibility. Be aware of your actions, especially as they pertain to your daily habits and health. The way you use your time and organize your day is your responsibility. What comes out of it is your responsibility. Take ownership. Make adjustments. It’s time to improve your schedule, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and overall self care.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Handfuls of gold coins. Be a little extravagant. Be fancy! Push yourself out of your comfort zone with some over-the-top behavior. If this feels hard to do, you can create a fantastic alter ego. Let her live it up in full style now and then. This is beneficial because you need to surprise yourself. Open up to a different kind of joy. You can express yourself in a new way. Recognition can affirm your creative spirit.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A leopard’s spots. The meaning of this symbol combined with this week’s astrology is that if you have emotional stability, you are able to be comfortable with your uniqueness. It all comes down to ego, baby. When you know that you are truly worthy, you are stable. When you listen to the worries and limitations of the ego, you feel wobbly. Don’t get in your own way! Love yourself every day. Be the bright individual that you are.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Black and white tiles. Alternate viewpoints— go outside of yourself to find another way of thinking about things. It’s time to freshen up the brain zone. Get new information, new ideas and new perspectives. Maybe interview someone who thinks differently. Or jog your creativity by taking a class. Learn about something new. Challenge yourself to seek unfamiliar input.

Libra :: Libra Rising
An arbor covered with flowers. An abundant continuation. The abundance is inside of you. It arcs. It weaves. It wells up from within. You don’t have to go chasing it. You just have to get still enough to trust it. Whether or not you can see it right now, abundance is everywhere. There is plenty. You are plenty. There is enough. By the way, the answer to all of the world’s problems lies in the recognition of this truth. If you want to solve the world’s problems, begin by believing in abundance.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A jigsaw puzzle picturing elephants in a herd. The jigsaw puzzle represents abstraction and the elephants represent strength. Your strength comes from making something more abstract and less personal right now. Be bold. Be clear. Make room for your emotions, hold space for them. But don’t let them drive you. Take time to consider your emotions and then instead of just reacting, take objective action.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A water ballet. Moving through water with grace and flexibility. Water can symbolize: emotions, intuition, psychic ability, creativity, spirituality, and dreams. Which of these do you need to move through with grace and flexibility? A ballet is also structured and disciplined. Which of these areas could also use more structure or discipline. Focus and flow in your “water” arenas.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Plaid. A continuing pattern. Overlapping lines weaving in and out. A “community” of lines. This symbol represents continuity and community. Communities come and go. You like to keep friends for life. So honor your old friends. Find time for them. Reach out to old communities. This may even be time to reinvigorate one or two. Your friends can offer you treasures of the heart.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Beach balls flying high in the air. Fun will take you higher. Be bouncy and playful. Approach your work with an inflatable spirit. The more that you relax, the more you will succeed. Happiness is an emotion too, and we don’t always take the time to let ourselves feel it. So, celebrate! It will pay off.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Eating Cheetos. Crunch crunch crunch. Taking a bigger bite out of life. More passion. More tooth. Get emphatic because you need to share your message. Your message might be something political, creative, or philosophical. You might not know exactly what it is yet, but by invigorating your spirit of adventure, you’ll discover it. Breathe life in fully and exhale your truth.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Flowering peonies. The peonies are in their full season and they’re fully open. They are in their full expression. Being open makes them vulnerable to the wind and the rain. But it allows them to participate in a dance of fragrant pollination. They can’t always be open. But they can right now. You are ready to be vulnerable like this. Open up to your full bloom so that you can connect. Be transparent. Hide nothing.