Horoscopes for May 1st-7th

image by the numinous

Energies this week are subtle yet powerful. We are pretty much only working with minor aspects. What does mean for you? Focus on fine-tuned calibrations that can make a big impact. 

Sun sequiquadrate Saturn
On the bright side you could apply structure to a part of your life that has been wily. But you'll probably do it only because it's been frustrating you.
Sun semisquare Chiron
Turn tension into healing. Walk toward the thing that needs to be healed. 

Sun sextile Neptune
Totally dreamy. Let love explode out of the top of your head. Send loving prayers to someone who needs them. Allow the pause between thoughts to bring you inspiration.

Mercury direct! 
Back to forward motion means that decisions become easier and there is more room for clarity. Give thanks for cycles. Honor the insights that you had over the last 3 weeks. Did you learn something about your subconscious realm? Word to the wise: the day that a planet stations can be especially retrograde-y. Don't jump into full speed yet! Give things a few days to settle. 
Mercury semisquare Mars,
Um, yeah, what I just said above... don't race ahead yet, go slow. But start to get clear about where you're headed.

Sun inconjunct Jupiter
So many minor aspects. This one may make you feel like expansion is frustrated. Take the day off? It is a great day for having someone prod you toward understanding how you can expand. You know that feeling when a friend is trying to encourage you, and there is a part of you that's like, "No way! I can't take up that much space! Scary." Call that friend today.

Mars semisquare Uranus
This adds some speed to the changeable energy we've already been feeling. What needs to change within you? 
I just learned a new hypnosis technique** that I've been doing on myself and I feel like I'm breaking into new territory every 5 hours. Let's let go of the old and upgrade, shall we? Saturday will help.

**This new technique is called subliminal therapy and it works like gangbusters. Schedule a hypnosis session with me and let's get that lasting, positive, change happening for you.

A whale swimming slowly. Progress. Dedication. Trust in a power greater than yourself. And at the same time, use your ingenuity to produce the result you desire. Move slowly yet continually toward your goal. Don’t worry about a timeline. Conjure up the feeling of accomplishment and then imagine that you already have it. Keep yourself in a slow and steady pace. Remind yourself that you’re supported.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Scattered petals. Joyful release. How can you lighten your load? How can you do it with lightness, ease and beauty? Revel in sensuality as you stop worrying about the heavier things in your life. Make a choice to let it be easy. Say, “I will focus on ease, lightness and beauty. I will make it fun. I will let go. It’s easy to let go. It’s natural.”

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A grid made of crystals. Protection. This is important for you now. Notice how you protect yourself. Is your method working? Is protection taking up a lot of mental energy or keeping you from getting close? Or is protection integrated, effortless and high vibrational? Using crystals and energy shields to protect yourself may be a fun practice for right now. See if these practices easy your mind. Protecting yourself should feel expansive instead of contractive.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Individual rain droplets. You are unique. There is a whole universe of experience inside of you. It’s time to remember your intuition. Open the gateway to intuition so that your creativity expands. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Think of it as sharing. Make this equation true: Expression=Joy. Joy will be the thing that propels you onward and upward. Connect to intuition, express your unique self, be joyous.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A group gathering in the market. Community is important for you now. You need that human connection because you need support. Connect with your community to remind yourself that you are totally surrounded by support. This can be very soothing. Share ideas with your community. Philosophize and learn about what you think through conversation.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Pine needles on a forest floor. Your path winds through the forest. You need some forest bathing right about now. Cleanse your mind by being in nature. Let your mind relax so that you will be recharged for the path ahead. Just keep clearing things off your mind, off your schedule. Do daily grounded cleansing practices. This is all preparation so that you mental faculties get back up to speed.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Canadian Geese flying in a V formation. Work together to lighten the load. Be a leader in your field. Remind yourself that there is order in the world even if it doesn’t always feel like it. If things feel disordered right now, it is another cycle and it will pass. There is a linear nature to time on the earth plane and it will keep moving forward. Another cycle will begin. This cycle will end. Connect with nature to see the truth of these cycles and let that truth integrate in your mind in some way that brings you comfort and security. Be present and trusting.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Water in a stream trickling over smooth round rocks. Dance and sing your way forward. Look for meaning that spurs you forward. Look for connection that spurs you forward. Get ahead of your day and define how you want to feel in the morning. Connect to your sense of personal power in the morning. Don’t let responsibility burden you. Don’t become overwhelmed before you begin. Feel connected to your true self and move forward from there.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
On a diving board. You are ready to go deep. Stretch your arms out and take aim. You’ll be directed at first, and after you hit the water, you’ll be in a new element with less control. Think of your emotions this way too. Take aim by inviting your emotions forward. Then let yourself momentarily be in the flow of emotion. You can know that you will rise up to the surface at the perfect moment. But letting yourself really hold space for your own feelings is important.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Footsteps in a muddy path leading down a hill. It gets easier to complete your project if you recognize that you aren’t alone. Get curious about who shares your direction. Who is like minded? How can you connect with these folks more? How can you help them and make positive connections? Follow your curiosity to meet the other folks on your path. Create community because it will help you on your journey.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Hopping on a pogo stick. You are finding a new way to get some elevation. You are reaching for a new height in your life, a new level of success. Keep exercising your strength and balance. Your practice is helping you learn how to leap. Your practice is making you less afraid of falling. Don’t worry about the outcome right now, just keep practicing.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Kneeling in devotion. Surrender yourself. Make yourself right sized. Feel devoted so that you remember to give gratitude. This kind of faith will help you raise your vibration to align with your goal. It will bring you mental ease and help you discover that your foundation is more secure that you may have known. Take the burden off your shoulders, and look to your higher self or your universal truth for support and a feeling of unity.