Venus has a valentine for you...

Sandro Botticelli's Primavera

Venus has a valentine just for you. Read for your Sun sign or your Venus sign. Not sure on your Venus sign? You can email me- I'm happy to look it up for you!


Dear Aries, 

You love yourself best by allowing room for your spark. By not putting pressure on yourself to force it, if it's just not the right time-- follow your passion instead. Love yourself by honoring the spark of your true individual creativity. When you allow yourself to be vibrant, alive and creative, without putting pressure on yourself to be perfect, that is when you are leaning into your Venus sign fully.


Dear Taurus, 

You love yourself best by allowing yourself to feel good in your body. Being present. Honoring the earth body that you came here to live in. Eating good food, drinking good drinks, wearing nice clothes. Stretching and moving in ways that keeps you feeling vibrant. Luxuriating sexually. Lean into the sense of feeling good, by noticing when you do feel good. And allowing yourself to be exactly where you are.


Dear Gemini,

You love yourself most by sharing your ideas with others. Speaking, writing and communicating are primal basic for you . Lean into a sense of being connected. See your community spread out around you like a million neural pathway. Sense how you are supported, heard and cherished. Practice self-love, by asserting that you are loved and understood. You are connected.


Dear Cancer, 

The sweet space of self-love for you is recognizing your emotions. Every time you affirm an emotion that you’re having, you make a little more space to be exactly who you are. Every time you empathize with yourself, you make your own world safer. Rock yourself like a baby in your arms. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. 


Dear Leo,

Allow yourself to shine. Let yourself be seen. Move through the world with your head held high. Water the soil of your confidence diligently. This may sound like a lot to do, but it’s not. This happens naturally when you are doing the things you love and you are getting out of your own way. Let the love flow in.


Dear Virgo, 

Get connected to the micro-movements of your body. This is not a big project that you need to put on your to-do list. Instead, think of it as an awareness that rises up when you practice tuning in to your body. Make the tiny adjustments that need to be made for your optimal health. Every time you fine-tune your habits, you are really saying, “I love myself fully.” You are shouting it loud and clear from the rooftops and it becomes a magnetic beacon for the world. 


Dear Libra, 

It’s time for you to wash yourself. Not with water. Not with any kind of force. Wash yourself with love. Let love rinse you and set you back to your original state of being in balance. How could you do this? Through attention. Through listening. Listen to your own heart. Open the doorway to your true needs. Wait for the answers to become clear and then allow room for your own truth. Your own truth is the most valuable thing you have, and when you have carefully tended it, your relationships will thrive. 



Dear Scorpio,  

You have to open the door wide open to love. You are here to walk through a portal. You are here to go all the way. Lean into the feeling of surrender. Pay close attention to what you want to control. see what would happen if you let go a little bit more. You are opening yourself up so that you can merge in union with another person and you honor that most when you let go of your fear. Lean into the art of allowing. 


Dear Sagittarius, 

Lean into your inner freedom. Do you assert your own freedom, or do you find subtle ways to limit yourself? Your natural state is expansion, anything less can be considered disease. Open up to more freedom. Allow that you are worthy of being alive. Let your thoughts match your natural state of transcendence.  


Dear Capricorn,

Send out invitations. Invite in structure. Invite in respect. Invite in support. As soon as you make these invitations, feel that your special guests have arrived. Welcome them. Lean into their arms. Allow them to help you find the alignment that you desire. You are already filled with love. You already have everything you need. You don’t have to do anything or be anything else. Just drop any self-criticism and let yourself be. Make room for your invited guests.


Dear Aquarius, 

It’s time to get cuddly. Mama Venus has a message for you. You get to be yourself. Just the way you are. you are perfect. Allow yourself to simply be. When you feel really good and loved just as you are, raise your antennae up to the sky. Receive radio transmissions from the collective consciousness. These new ideas will help you innovate and create the future that you desire. How do you do this? Say, “I am open to new ideas.” Say it every day and give gratitude for what flows in.


Dear Pisces, 

Receive your ability to be your true self. Let your ego melt away. Let yourself float and drift. You don’t have to always fit yourself into a box. You may want to open up room in your life to be more fluid. Let yourself disappear sometimes. Don’t judge that. You are a highly creative soul. Give yourself the space to create. You block yourself off when you try to hard to anticipate the future. Your gifts lie in allowing the full beauty of the moment. Be present.