Horoscopes for February 13-19

image by the numinous

Originally posted on the numinous.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
The symphony plays. You have a chance to put all the different parts together in the right order. You’ve had a lot going on. Now it’s time to be gentle with yourself and decide which thing to do first, which to do second, etc. You get to decide when to rest and when to act. You’re ready bring it all together, like a conductor cueing the players. Try to go with the flow in this process. Follow the next clue. Watch your path light up ahead of you. Trust that you know what to do.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
The fog lifts. You are ready to step forward into more clarity. The way through is by acknowledging your feelings and giving yourself lots of alone time. Don’t try to push too hard. You can let yourself drift in the fog and when the time is right for action, you will know. Watch for signs, symbols and synchronistic. These are messages from the other side of the fog.

Aries :: Aries Rising
A sharp breath in. Remember that you’re alive! You came here to define yourself and claim your individuality. Connect with excitement and openness. Practice happy baby pose and try to really see yourself as that happy baby. This liveliness will lead you on the right path to connect with like-minded folk. Communing with others who hold your values can help you stay in an enlivening frame of mind. Your positive energy is vital right now. It will help you spark a revolution.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A bird calls from way up in the tree tops. You have to align with your goals. Set your sights high. Find your orientation by creating more vision. Step back a little bit from busy-ness and find your perspective. This will help you with your attitude and your energy levels. You need to be able to use your energy in a focused way right now, and so direction is key— set goals. Your actions must be authentic and aligned. You’re extra visible right now, so let people see your dedication and integrity.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
The palm tree bends in the wind. Let yourself drift. One way to be strong is to be flexible. Have a mission statement- something simple and concise. And then let everything else become an adaptation. Whatever project you’re working on, or whatever is on your mind, ignore the real-world details for a moment and just try to see the deeper purpose. Then allow the details to fall into place. The more flexibility and openness, the faster the solutions will flow. Explore. Feel expansive, generous and abundant and everything will line up just right.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Beans rattling inside maracas. Shake it up. Whatever is stuck and stagnant is ready to get shifted. It’s time for movement. Look at the things you are trying to control. Somewhere in there is a pattern or a deep emotion that may be ready to be unlocked. Be gentle but persistent. Examine the deeper feelings and motivations that are keeping you stuck in a pattern. Listen to yourself, give yourself empathy. Take time out to feel all of your feelings. Dance, play and sing your way into spiritual surrender. It’s time to break free.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A parrot’s beak. It’s time to assert yourself a bit more. Say what you need. Don’t hold back the words. Language helps you understand yourself and share yourself with another person. These boundaries and intersections of relationship are of heightened importance now. You need to feel safe to express yourself, so that you can open your heart. Get fully into the dance of giving and receiving. Communicate the steps you want to take.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Letting sand run through fingertips. Let yourself get into the details of your projects, your schedule, your health. You need the peace of mind that comes from feeling very organized. So take some time out from big-picture planning and get all of the little pieces in place. This will feel like high-level self care. Pay extra attention to your health and nutrition. Focus on feeling grounded. Practicality is your priority.

Libra :: Libra Rising
A rocket. Shoot yourself into outer space. Blast yourself open. The thing that matters right now is that you are living larger than life. In the full flower of your creativity. Be a light. Share your light. Don’t hold back. Make, create, laugh and have fun. Find new ways to let loose. Remind yourself that it doesn’t have to be so serious or logical all the time. Right now you need to feel carefree. And share your gifts with the world.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A red and white striped straw. Find ways to nurture yourself. It’s important that you feel rooted and grounded right now. Fed and well. You need extra alone time. Get cozy. Nestle into a cove at home. All of this will help you focus, which in turn will heighten your intuition. It’s no time to be scattered. Take good care of yourself and allow yourself to rest and restore. A well timed nap may offer many unexpected rewards. By allowing yourself to recuperate, you will be able to do some deep and needed healing. So start with self-care.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A player piano. You know all the songs by heart. It’s time to gather new information. Update your repertoire. Go digging into different belief systems. Ask others for advice on new ways of thinking about the matters at hand. Be careful not to let your search for information become habitual (like absently scrolling through social media). Be very present in your search for inspiration. Define what you would like to learn about and go after it. It’s time for new ideas.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Sitting on a blanket on a lawn. Connect with the ground. Remember that Earth energy is healing. You are able to expand the most when you start by being rooted. Check in by giving gratitude for all of your resources. Remind yourself of your abundance. Confirm that you are inherently worthy. You deserve to be here, you deserve to take up space, you deserve to be alive. Lean into the support of the Earth. Let yourself root down.