#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 12/4/15

image by the Numinous 


Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Polar Bear standing on hind legs. Ten claws bared and stretched toward the sky.

You are coming into your own. “Coming into your own” is knowing that you must stay in motion. There are no beginnings and no ends. Only transitions. You are the archer. Part of your JOY comes from following the arrow to see where it lands. If you were recently feeling stuck, you are not feeling that anymore. You must be brave right now. Brave enough to transition. To leap into the fire. To change your patterns of thought. To heal.



Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

A stained glass geometric form.

It’s time to make decisions about what traditions you are continuing. Tradition can be something that is automatic. Right now you are being called to question, decide and act. What tradition (i.e. cultural, societal, or familial expectation) is right for you? What do you want to keep and what do you want to let go of? Some of these traditions / expectations are obvious and some are subconscious. You may have to muck around in your subconscious realm to get clear about what is causing your conscious thought formations. Don’t be afraid of the darkness and unknown of your subconscious mind. Remember the beautiful sacred geometric form that is reflecting colored light waves across your psyche. 



Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Sunlight streaming over the horizon at sunrise.

You are learning about your interconnectedness with the whole universe. Sound big? It is. But it’s also small. It’s the macro and the micro. You can see your oneness represented in a small interaction or in a grand event. You are the sun and you touch everything. And everyone else is the sun and they touch everything too. 

The world needs you to be powerful right now. Your vision inspires.

Remember, your power is not about ego, it is about connection. 


Pisces or Pisces Rising

Mouse looking out of her hole in the wall.

If you have been cautious, Mouse wants you to remember to let go of your fears. Mouse ventures out into the world even though she is small and unarmed. You don’t need all of the defenses that you may have acclimated yourself to. Lay down your arms. When you notice yourself being defensive- stop. You are safe. Tune into your NOW environment. Let your senses help you stay in the present moment.


Aries or Aries Rising

Dandelion seeds blowing across a field.

Get ready to travel. It might be a mental journey, it might be a physical journey. You are journeying so that you can fertilize new ideas and new relationships. To travel in this way you must be light and unencumbered so let go of whatever is weighing you down. Change the logistical things that are holding you back. Take flight.




Taurus or Taurus Rising

The rings around a planet. 

Now it’s your turn to meditate on the circle. There are no endings, only transitions. You may be facing an important transition.

It’s not always easy for you to transition. You would rather have the secure feeling of feet planted firmly on the ground. Your mantra has often been, “I know where I am, I know where I’m going.” Adjust your mantra to: “I understand the strength of my being, wherever I am- I am safe.”



Gemini or Gemini Rising

A row of colorful lollipops in a candy store.

Oh my goodness, life is wonderful! Be like a child in a candy store. Expand your relationship with your inner child. What is the baby version of you craving that the adult version has been withholding? Sometimes it’s easiest to see how our inner child is doing by looking at the state of our relationships. There is a direct correlation here. Use your inquisitive spirit to learn more about your inner child. Make the inquiry light and fun.



Cancer or Cancer Rising

A bright yellow egg yolk.

You are experiencing an incubation. Your incubation chamber has all of the nutrients and protection that you need to grow. You might know that you are great at nurturing others. But now you are directing all of that nurturing energy toward yourself. Take care. Rest. Do exactly what you need to do to be healthy. Don’t leave your incubation chamber until you know the moment is right.


Leo or Leo Rising

Drawing and erasing stick figures on a white page.

You are creating. Because you want to do a good job you are erasing and making adjustments.

Perfection can be a problem if it becomes a creative block.

Fill your heart with love and empathy and gently ask yourself if your need for perfection is helping or hindering you. Probably, the answer is a little of both, but it’s up to you to decide When and How Much.


Virgo or Virgo Rising

A sapphire turns into the ocean.

You twist the kaleidoscope. You see one beautiful image morph into another. How did you get the kaleidoscope? You relaxed. You put down your tools and you decided to use the power of your analytical mind to explore instead of refine. 



Libra or Libra Rising

A pentagram etched on the palm of a hand.

Five fingers and five points of the star. Five = Mars and Mars is in your first house. So what does all this mean? 

Spirit. Direction. Willpower. You are surely in the driver’s seat now. Interview yourself to find out what your spirit is ready for. Own your power. It is ancient.



Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

The fragrance of vetiver.

The sharp scent that offers a direct connection to the Earth. 

You need to feel your connection to Earth. You need to feel it in a way that is deep, visceral and primordial. Feel it in your root chakra. Earth is our Mother and she replenishes us, nurturing our physical and energetic selves. There are many ways of connecting with Mother Earth. Make an effort to seek out the way that speaks to you.