#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 11/26/15

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Skiing down a slope, cutting long tracks deep into the snow. You are making progress.You are in your element. You are carving a new pattern. It is not done without skill and effort. Keep your momentum and don’t hesitate. Allow gravity and intuition to keep you going.


Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

A small chid is gleefully swinging on a swing set. She is alone. She is finding complete joy in solitude. Find an exuberant place within yourself. Respite. Retreat. Toy with the idea that you are being guided by unseen forces, supported and encouraged.


Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

A field of sunflowers stretching their faces towards the sun. Your lesson this weekend is about trust. And surrender. Devote yourself to something greater than yourself. Don’t be all serious about it though. Garner up feelings of joy and devotion.. Grow tall and be above the fray. Instead of getting down in the muck, stay focused on the bigger picture.



Pisces or Pisces Rising

The biggest juiciest red tomato with a bite taken out of it. Enjoy the fruit of your labors. It’s a moment to shine, but the issue here is that you might forget to celebrate your harvest. Instead, delight in your accomplishments. Savor.



Aries or Aries Rising

A miniature city built out of yellow legos. You are building. Consider that for a moment. Often, we want to have the finished product, but right now you are holding the Plan, the blueprint, the big picture. You are piecing it all together. You are in-progress. You are learning how to do it right. 


Taurus or Taurus Rising

Monkey in space. You are out of your element and on a crazy adventure. Are you here by choice? Are you deeper than you want to be? Are things getting a little too intense? Take back control of the situation- also know as Author-ship. Ask yourself how you can own a situation that it might seem like you didn’t choose. And while you’re at it, treat it like an adventure. Learn secrets of the universe.



Gemini or Gemini Rising

A sky full of lightning bolts. A shock. Your environment is electrified. You have a choice. You can allow the experience or you can resist the experience. The shock can bring you inspiration or it can bring you pain. It seems like it depends on your perspective. 


Cancer or Cancer Rising

A guppy is eating algae at the bottom of a clear stream. Nourish yourself. Feel healthy and feel fed. Don’t be hard on yourself about health choices. Believe that there is an orderly natural plan. Be inspired by how you are connected to nature just as a stream is connected to the ocean. 



Leo or Leo Rising

Trails of smoke drifting into the sky. Many things are an illusion. Do an inventory of what is real and what is not real. Could be that what seems to matter doesn’t matter at all and what is easily discounted is what is actually important. Suggestions for what might be REAL: Your spirit. Your feelings. Love. The act of creation. But these are just suggestions. You be the judge.



Virgo or Virgo Rising

A row of teeth. Strength in numbers. Life-giving power. If this is a time when you feel triggered by family issues, remember that you are powerful and safe. You can change your experience. You are part of a tribe, even though it might seem like there are extreme differences. It can be helpful to notice that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. 



Libra or Libra Rising

Hands in prayer. Make time for ritual. Right now is the time for you to work on your practices. Getting inspired by your daily life. Also, you are to make a breakthrough in the way you are engaging in your community. Gratitude is the key to both of these things.



Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

A crystal emanating light. Your inner world is rich. If you aren’t sure if this true, test different ways of going deeper. Meditation. Yoga. Hypnosis. These suggestions are just a starting point. The reason we are discussing this is because your inner world is the true source of your security. And security might feel like a thing right now. So start mining for the crystal within.