#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 11/13/15

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

A log floating down a river.

You are on a journey. You are strong and sturdy, yet you are in motion. You are churning and turning and the part of you thatis “underwater” (your subconscious) is rising to the surface.


Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Flowers in a field popping open at the same time.

Use your spirit and your creativity to inspire the group. Uncertainty about who you are as a leader may be surfacing. Trust that your soul remembers what to do just as the flower “remembers” how to open.


Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

A white rabbit goes down a rabbit hole and disappears.

Now is the time to trust in things you don’t fully understand. Just make sure that what you choose to trust is fully in line with your personal moral code. In fact, it might be time to get really clear about what your moral code is exactly. You need that information to help you orient yourself.


Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

An earthworm coiled around a finger. The finger is pointed up to the sky.

It’s time to be in the public eye. To reach the highest height that you are striving for, you must make sure that you are grounded and your foundation is strong.


Pisces or Pisces Rising

A butterfly flying out of a room. It exits through a tall and narrow window in a brick wall.

Your fortress has kept you safe and it’s nice to have the security of strong brick walls, but maybe it’s time to try something new. Follow a dream. 


Aries or Aries Rising

Sledding gleefully down the side of a mountain.

Pro-actively add a big dose of joy to your life. Go somewhere. Do it lightly and with a sense of adventure.


Taurus or Taurus Rising

Petting a sheep. The smell is of earthy dampness.

To be comfortable with your own vulnerability is true security.

How to get comfortable with your vulnerability? Let go of societal norms that ask you to be a certain way. Get grounded so that you can recognize yourself.


Gemini or Gemini Rising

An ax in a chopping block. 

What is there that you have left uncompleted? There is more work to be done, either in your career or in a relationship. The time is right for you to see it through to completion.


Cancer or Cancer Rising

Cheerios in a bowl. The shape of red blood cells. Concentric circles in the stump of a felled pine tree. A round belly. 

You are being showered with symbols of cyclical wholeness.

At this moment it’s important for you to know that your next step is the next step in a larger cycle. You don’t have to understand the cycle, just trust in it’s existence. Meditate on circle, cycle, wholeness, completion. 


Leo or Leo Rising

Porcupine quills.

Little soldiers all in a row, working together. Your strength is in numbers. Your strength is in your friendships. Believe in your community. 


Virgo or Virgo Rising

Flower petals strewn down a path.

Raise your vibration through generosity. Give. Be free with your joy.


Libra or Libra Rising

The multi-faceted sides of a crystal glimmer in the light. 

It’s easy for you to take on another point of view. If you start to feel fragmented, focus on the feeling of love. That will center you.