#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 11/6/15


A comet colliding with the surface of a planet.

You are larger than life and you beg to be noticed. Give and Receive. Give and Receive. Give and receive like you are doing push-ups. Work that muscle. Be the comet applying force and the surface of the planet melting away under impact. Then do it again. Whatever fear you have will melt away too.



A skeleton, new grass growing around it.

It’s time to look at the structure of what you are creating. It’s time to let the old grass die and let the new grass grow.



A skunk eating an apple.

Get really clear about who you want in your community. Your anger is there for a reason, it is a protective instinct. Deal with your anger in a creative and healthy way. Don’t deny it.



Pushing a cart down a long dusty road. 

You are working. You are spurred ahead. If you are leaving something that didn’t feel safe- what was it? Is what you are getting away from something that is specific to a locale or is it something that resides inside of you? What kind of security can you offer yourself? You might experience a transformative breakthrough right now if you are brave enough to investigate your mindset. You might be able to get off the road.



Two young girls playing patty-cake under a twinkling night sky.

A partnership is healing and enchanting for you right now. Allow yourself to enjoy this burst of expansive energy. 



Holding out a glorious bouquet of flowers, the bottoms of the stems are on fire.

You are going through a healing process. If you try, you can let go of what has consumed you. It might seem frustrating at first, but letting go can be sudden and complete if you allow it to be so. 



Graphite pencil cross-hatched on paper, depicting an even expanse of gray over the page. 

Moderation is your friend. All is not extreme. Work with others to find middle ground.



Chess pieces moved over the board. The chess pieces have a life of their own. 

Make sure that you are doing the careful planning and not someone else. Your luck will come from owning your power.



Focusing a telescope. In the view is a woman standing on a beach, looking out over the ocean.

You may be experiencing uncertainty. Look more closely. You have all the answers inside of you. Trust your intuition.



A blue sky. A blue ocean. A shark fin on the horizon.

You are as free as you allow yourself to be. You may be feeling vulnerable. Go to the root of your vulnerability and share it with those closest to you. 



Silky, long, silvery fur being carefully combed.

You are ready to create order that allows for you to feel comfortable. What has kept you from integrating yourself in the past is going to move now. There will be a new arrangement that affects your personality and your partnerships. Some untangling may need to occur. 

It’s time for you to understand more clearly who you are in context with others. The creation of peace in your life will act as a source of stability. 



A sun drenched meadow, spacious and safe.

You are prime for a major reconciliation if you allow yourself to be present. Don’t disappear. Sit still in the meadow.