Taurus needs...

Stability + Safety

Taurus is a grounded Earth sign, whose number one goal is to build. If you are a Taurus, you may find that you have a high need for stability and safety. I like to think of Taurus as the sign that invented agriculture. In the age of Taurus, people got tired of hunting and gathering and started farming the land. They found that if they could tend to the same land and animals year after year, they could build up more resources and experience a more stable and safe existence. Taurus wants to build up earthly resources such as money and high value goods, for the security and comfort that these bring.


Speaking of comfort, Taurus is ruled by pleasure-loving Venus. If you are a Taurus, you don't only need to build up comfort, you also need to be able to enjoy your life. Taurus is in charge of the physical body and the senses, so sensitive Taurus wants to have a pleasant physical experience. Really good food, really good wine, soft fabrics-- overall comfort. Sometimes Taurus must take time off from work to enjoy the good life.

Control + Influence

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and if you are one, you must be able to make the decisions in your life. You must maintain your control of your experience. If anyone else tries to take that from you, you will dig your heels in. You need to exercise your need for autonomy.