"My astrology reading with Sandy was in-depth, comprehensive and specific. Having your chart read can be a vulnerable experience, but Sandy is sensitive and thoughtful and I felt completely safe and cared for during our meeting. She has a gift for relaying what she reads in your chart into language that is both beautiful and practical. I met with her over a month ago, but I have thought about the reading and applied its lessons to my life every day since. "  - Shannon Fitzpatrick


My session was incredibly insightful and helped me make sense of what is going on in my life. Sandy is lovely, down to earth, knowledgeable and provided some practical tips in a positive way. I loved her approach to the session (tip: make sure you email Sandy beforehand to make the most out of your time). Easily the best astrology reading I have ever had and I have no hesitation in recommending Sandy.   - Jeanette Massie


I absolutely loved working with Sandra as we took a look at my solar year. It was so powerful to have a road map to my soul and to connect the stars to how my energy is manifesting itself. It's so helpful and empowering to understand the context through which we love, create, and feel. Sandra helped me to see myself clearly through guidance as well as listening. The process gave me a sense of acceptance and understanding for my place in the world at this moment. Thank you for an amazing reading!   - Kalisa Augustine


Sandy's reading was mind blowing, deeply insightful and unlike any reading I've had before. Her intuitive, knowledgeable interpretation and practical advice made sense of the details and bigger picture of my life path. It was above and beyond what I'd hoped for.   - Sally Penn



“I highly recommend getting a reading done with Sandy. I had no idea what to expect when I first scheduled my appointment but it was so eye opening on so many different levels. Sandy was knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. We explored many different areas and by the end of it I felt like I had a better understanding of myself. I know we just scratched the surface and I am excited to learn more from her. Thanks Sandy!” - Neale Holladay