Libra Full Moon

photo by Steve Halama

photo by Steve Halama

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on

Full Moon :: March 20th 2019 :: 9:45pm EDT :: 0 degrees Libra

Climbing and climbing. You are paving your own way up the mountain. The sun beats down and reminds you that you have skin. Your exhalations are heavy as you ascend. 

On March 20, we have the first of two Libra Full Moons in 2019. It occurs as the gate opens to Aries season and we step into an astrological New Year with the Vernal Equinox. This Full Moon is taking you on a solo hike. You are blazing your trail, healing your wounds, working with your inner rebel and seeking mental clarity and balance. 

Your hike is a metaphor for any action you are taking in your life. This is the action that pushes you. On some level, does the sheer effort you are taking on remind you of your life force? 

Talk about life force can begin to sound so abstract. The Aries version of life force is simple though. It becomes — I climbed a mountain, I am alive!

So “do,” “act,” and “be,” without hurting anyone else.

Your climb is your ability to vitalize. Your chance to take action. Where are you taking action in your life right now? This is your ascension. Can you let yourself just “do” without judging your own actions to the extreme? A part of you needs freedom and the chance to make it happen. So take the chance. It’s right there. Get moving.

It seems peaceful enough on this journey, but there are secretive shadows along the edges of the trail. Who is hiding out there in the nooks and crannies of the brush? What is going to leap out and attack you?

The real question is, what is hiding inside? During this Full Moon in Libra, you may notice past wounds and insecurities rise. 

You can’t control these triggers, but you can soothe the source. Go back in your memory to the small child who was unsure. We all have those fears and triggers that rise up here and there. Soothe yourself as you climb. 

Now you reach the top of the mountain. This time in the clean cool air is equally important. Does the hiker stay focused on the summit? You’ve always known it’s there. And now you’re here to cultivate an equanimous state of mind.

Meditate now that you’ve reached the top. Give gratitude for you own efforts and actions. Focus on your breath. Create your own inner peace. 

Meditation is so key at this time. It’s the medicine. If this is challenging, find an environment that will help you steady the mind. The outer world does affect the mindset. Your goal is to stabilize. 

This doesn’t have to be measurable. Don’t look for the effect. Stay in the practice. Stand on the balance beam and forget to ask yourself if you’re balancing. 

So now you’re settled into meditation at the top of your own mountain. The dangers in the brush have been faced. The climb has been challenging. But it was all an act of self-expression that led you back to yourself. Back to your own crystalline clarity. Your moment of oneness and balance with all that you are. 

This is a Libra Full Moon, so technically it’s supposed to be about relationship. And it will be. But at this moment now, you are honing your relationship with yourself. You are dealing with your old scary monsters. You are taking the actions that make you feel alive, so that you can find inner balance and show up authentically in relationship to others.


Moon opposition Chiron
The secretive shadows alongside the trail. Will something jump out?
The old triggers get activated. Do you notice that they are the same ones always? If you run toward them instead of away, they become much less scary. This Full Moon is a heartening chance to sidle up to your wounds. Let yourself tend to them. Go deep, down, and under. Go to the source. Go to the past. Show up for who you were then and forgive yourself first. It’s deep inner work and no one explores caverns without a buddy or at least a harness. You’ve got options, so find the support you need. 
And if you tangle toes with someone who’s avoiding the deep work, but getting triggered and acting out, you’ll at least have a frame of reference for what’s going on. 


Moon inconjunct Uranus
Driving a flying saucer.
Do you know how to work this thing? The controls are foreign and the starship has unearthly functions. Your emotions might be like the flying saucer at this Full Moon. Normally you have a pretty good sense of how they work. But all of that now exists in another dimension. You’ve got to get used to a new way of navigating emotional territory. 
It might feel uncontrollable, but just keep trying. Even if you’re frustrated. Eventually you’ll push enough buttons that you figure out how to drive your ship in warp speed and then everything will be possible.