Horoscopes for May 6th - May 12th

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on the-numinous.com

Taurus // Taurus Rising
A coral reef. There is a wide variety of experiences that you can have. The world is abundant with many types of species and habitats. Try on different attitudes. Examine your expectations for yourself. Some of them are outdated. You may be able to explore new ecosystems and shake things up. The past does not determine the future. If you’ve been waiting to begin, the time is now. 

Gemini // Gemini Rising
Hypnotic music. Go on an inward journey. Your dreams and your intuition have special messages. Pay more attention to your inner truth than you do to the nightly news. You have the wisdom inside of you. Sometimes it’s confusing to tell which voice is intuition and which is fear. Listen closely and learn to determine the difference. You are ready to learn more about your own inner truth. 

Cancer // Cancer Rising
A game of pool. It’s good to assess all of the possible moves, this is a game of strategy. What strategy would help you win right now? Get a higher perspective. Think bigger than you ever have. You might not see all of the details, but you can muster up the courage to think you might win. Connect with other people and ask them to help you find a new way of looking at the situation.

Leo // Leo Rising
Caterpillar. Keep scooting along and eventually you will transform. Your job is not to understand when or how. The technicalities might even frighten you. Instead, follow your instincts. Take the many steps you need to take. Don’t question who you are because your essence is not dictated by your outside appearance. When it comes to your career you are about to become a butterfly.

Virgo // Virgo Rising 
Pasta shapes. You have lots of options. If you are feeling a little bored, it’s time to change it up. But you don’t necessarily need to change the whole dinner. Just choose a new shape of pasta. Meaning, don’t feel like you need to start from scratch. Reexamine your motivations and values and discover if there’s a way to change the attitude with which you are approaching difficult issues.

Libra // Libra Rising 
Floating in a raft. You might feel like you are out to sea, but you are perfectly safe. Instead of thinking about how unstable the raft is, focus on wonderful it is to have something to hold onto. You have what you need. The only thing missing is self trust. Dig deeper into your personal reserves and connect with your inner security. You just need confidence and then you can tackle any obstacle.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
Flying squirrel. There’s a new way to navigate challenging relationships. Before now you’ve been walking and jumping. But now you are learning how to fly. Take it seriously. It’s not easy to pivot to a whole new modality. You need to learn how to hold your ground and communicate effectively. You might need to discover compromise. Balance is your goal. 

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
An antique broom. Your daily routines, habits and schedule could use a refresh. You don’t have time to play small or be slightly disorganized. You need to clean up. Don’t start by assessing. Just jump in and start working. This is how you’ll gain momentum. And once you get into the flow, you’ll start to feel like your mind is being cleared by the work you are doing. Take charge.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Surprising fireworks. You should surprise yourself with your own creativity. Give yourself opportunities for spontaneity and self-expression. See if you can get into the zone. Whatever you create will illuminate a new path. Playfulness and generosity are good words to live by this week. Usually, it’s easy to go for days without something exciting happening, but not now. Set off some fireworks.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Feather falling. Feathers are cozy and insulating. Change your perspective so that you can bring more of this energy into your life. It’s okay to retreat. You may need to make a warm nest and settle in. Notice what comes up when you take a step back. What subtle feelings are ready to be released? This is your chance to connect with yourself in a new way. Make a home for yourself.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Light at the end of the tunnel. A new path forward is illuminated. Don’t take it for granted and don’t ignore it. You are ready for a mindset shift. Go look for new information. If you find an insight that strikes you, hold on to it. Memorize it. The ideas that you have now will have a huge impact on your future direction. Be open to change and break up the monotony of outdated ways of thinking.

Aries // Aries Rising
A private garden. Help yourself feel centered and stable by giving yourself a little privacy. Take time to feel grounded. Slow down just a little bit. Your breath can be wonderful tool to help you connect with your body and the present moment. You will build upon this feeling of security in the future, but begin by slowing down. That will help you feel connected with your internal resources.