Horoscopes for April 15th - April 21st

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on the-numinous.com

Aries // Aries Rising
Hazy clouds. It feels wonderful to know which action to take and then go for it. But right now you are working with low visibility. Look within. Listen hard to your heartbeat. Your current joy comes from being present. The outer circumstances may be foggy, but your inner guidance is clear. Practice being patient and waiting for the right path reveal itself.

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Power washing. You are using power tools to get clean. Cleanliness can symbolically represent release, simplification, brightness and clarity. What do you have in toolbox to create this state of mind? Maybe you need to literally clean your environment. Or maybe you need to simplify. Whichever it is, go after it with focus and power. You will feel totally refreshed.

Gemini // Gemini Rising
A ballet. A delicate dance transcends the limits of gravity and mundane earthly concerns. It carries both the dancer and the viewer to another plane of existence— a realm of creativity and inspiration. Is it time to recharge your joy, interest and vibrancy? What will help you remember to add variety to your every day life? You need to learn new dance moves.

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Flock of seagulls. There is freedom at your fingertips. There are far distances to be traveled. But wherever you go, you are never lost. You are always home. Have you ever seen a seagull way out in the middle of the ocean? How does it feel at home? Does it miss solid land? Ask yourself if it’s time to disrupt your outdated vision of comfort and reimagine what stability means to you.

Leo // Leo Rising
Frog on a lily pad. A frog is so versatile. It’s incredibly adapted to move between habitats and survive in water and on land. You can be that versatile too. You’re being asked to find dexterity, You have the ability to change. It’s not easy to groove new mental patterns, but adapting this way is necessary for survival. As you adjust the way you think, you will find new possibility.

Virgo // Virgo Rising 
A bear by the river. A slow moving bear lumbers along the shoreline. It is grounded and powerful. And yet, at any moment it can spring into action and speedily catch a fish. It's important that you slow down. As you learn how to simplify and get grounded, you’ll understand how to use your energy most effectively. You are learning how to prioritize so that you become much more efficient.

Libra // Libra Rising 
Rows of storybooks. Again and again you battle. You’ll win the battle when you realize that it’s not about anyone  else. It’s about the stories that you are telling yourself. Every time you pick a relationship, you pick a story. And then you act it out. Take full responsibility in every way. You are always choosing the story and you can change it by changing yourself.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A blade of grass. The simple things in life can teach you significant truths. You have to pay close attention to be a student of nature. Nature is the quiet that you seek. Nature holds a megaphone to the thing you most need to hear. Step as close as you can and observe. Wait for a sign. You might find that everything you need to learn is summarized in a pebble or a blade of grass.

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Blank notepaper. There are times when you need to read and learn. And there are times when you need to write and dream. It’s time for output. Create your philosophies, your current mission statement, your visions for your future. Push yourself there. Use the tool of enthusiasm to get out of ordinary reality and into the next phase. Get all of your ideas down on paper.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
The mountain. What’s your plan? How will you ascend the rock face? There is no time to lose. Use your energy and the momentum you've already created to go for it. Climb. The goal is to find a new level. It’s nice to look down and see how far you’ve come. Reflect on your progress so that you feel encouraged. And at the same time, make the most of the current energy and achieve. You’ve got this.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A cough. When you cough you are trying to get something out of your system. It’s a violent movement. An expulsion. You have been taking action to get rid of something that you no longer need. But don’t stop there. It’s important to also define what it is that you do want. Move yourself past the reflexive action (the cough) and into aligned action that helps you feel vibrant, healthy and alive. 

Pisces // Pisces Rising
A nursery rhyme. This is about simplicity and self love. You can be a tender parent to your inner child. You need to slow it down and take lots of time to soothe yourself. Don’t skip any steps. Don’t tell yourself to get over it. Instead, ask yourself what kind of gentleness you need. Ask your inner child how you can best support them right now. It’s time for healing.