Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

photo by Altinay Dinc

photo by Altinay Dinc

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse :: July 16, 2019 :: 5:39 pm EDT :: 24 degrees Capricorn

The Symbol:

You are swinging on a trapeze high above the ground. The circus lights flare in the corners of your eyes, but your attention must be profoundly focused. When you leap, you are always falling. This Full Moon is nudging you to control your free fall by putting systems in place. 

The series of ropes and supports for your stunts are created ahead of time. 
If you want to climb high, you must have a plan and a structure.

An acrobat must practice and build strength.
If you want to dazzle from the highest heights of your ambition, you must hone your skills.

The Set-Up:

On Tuesday, July 16th there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. This moment holds the tension of opposition between the Sun, Venus and the North Node in Cancer and the Moon, Pluto and Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn. Whenever the Nodal Axis lines up with a Full or New Moon, we have an eclipse. 

Every Full Moon is an exercise in tension. But since this one is also an eclipse (and it’s close to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node) it’s like walking on a tight rope.

When things feel this tense, it can be hard to distinguish between being invited and being forced. Try to reframe any pressure you are feeling as if it is an invitation. Most of us would not like to walk along a tight rope, high above the ground. An acrobat views a tight rope as invitation— something to be explored. 

What in your life seems impossible, but just needs to be viewed in a new way? What overwhelming task can be broken down into baby steps? 

This eclipse is inviting you to begin a new pattern. What that pattern is exactly will depend on where the eclipse shows up in your chart (read your horoscope for the specifics of your new pattern according to your sign). Because the Cancer / Capricorn axis is featured, the way to facilitate a more functional restart is to nurture yourself (Cancer Sun) and constrain yourself (Capricorn Moon).

What does it mean to nurture yourself? Give your inner child big hugs and tons of compassion. Repeat this continuously throughout the day. Talk to yourself sweetly. Be there for your inner child. When it feels like your cup is full, you may enjoy showering that sweet nurturance onto others. 

What does it mean to constrain yourself? Give yourself rules and boundaries that relieve the tension of decision making. The rules that you make for yourself should be very individual and they should feel just right for you. Maybe you make a rule that you wake up at the same time every day. Or you create a kind of uniform for yourself so that you don’t have to spend time deciding what to wear. Or maybe you decide that you won’t say anything negative when you’re at work. Constraints are designed to save energy, make you more productive, and help you feel in integrity.

When the stakes are higher, constraints are even more important so that you can achieve your goals. The acrobat must have constraints that support her diligent practice so that she can pull of her high-stake stunts.


Full Moon conjunct South Node, Pluto and Saturn

Dredging a lake.
For months now, we’ve been dragging out the story of Saturn and Pluto near the South Node. And now the Full Moon in Capricorn is close enough to get involved. This energy feels like dredging out a lake to find the things that we lost in the past.

You may feel like you are either regressing or mentally reviewing past decisions. Dredge the lake and find the things that you’ve left behind. Don’t judge who you were then. Instead, be extraordinarily generous with yourself. This is a new moment, but it is built on the past. 

Collectively we must face up to the mistakes of our government and our systems. What are you quite literally buying into?

This state of regression is not comfortable, but it is informative. Awareness of the past can help us understand where we need to go.


Full Moon opposite Mercury Retrograde

Licking a popsicle.
If you go too fast, you’ll get brain freeze. Slowly proceed, but have some fun. We’ve talked about tension, self-nurturance, creating constraints and regression. But somewhere in there, can you enjoy yourself? Can you slowly lick up the sweet popsicle juice, reaching all the drips before they stain your shirt? If you get the pace just right, you might encounter a glimmer of clarity that dazzles your consciousness.