Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

photo by Altinay Dinc

photo by Altinay Dinc

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on

New Moon :: July 2 2019 :: 3:15pm ET :: 10 degrees Cancer

Deep below the surface of the water, tiny fins catch the light. A school of fish darts through a coral reef. Instinct guides their synchronized moves.

Tuesday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer might amplify your instinctual reactions as well. Emotions zig zag the same way the fish change directions.  Do you know how to swim with your emotions? 

Cancer is the sign of emotional intelligence and nurturance. A solar eclipse is a chance to reset. A new pattern is forming around how you deal with your feelings, how you know that you are loved, how you relate to your family, and how you feel at home.

Clear the residue and begin a new pattern. Rewrite your reactions.

To do this, you need to shine conscious light on deeply subconscious patterns. The fish are down near the ocean floor and swimming through an age-old dance. The Sun is dark, blocked by the shadow of the Moon. The Moon is dark, too close to the Sun to reflect light. Where do you find consciousness? How do you see what is really going on?

Know that the waters are choppy. Emotions are flowing and there are many reasons why the past, instinct and reaction are forming a rip-tide. You might be swimming through an ancient and  familiar dance. But if you pay attention, you can break into consciousness. You can name your emotions one by one as the flicker by. You can breathe into them. You can explore them with words. 

This eclipse can break up the old dance. Your words and your breath and your attention can change the patterns. A square between Mercury and Uranus brings insight and surprises. Open up to unexpected solutions. Things really are changing, even if it feels like you are circling back to the past. This current moment is a new one and it’s filled with potential. You could be the fish that jets off in a brand new direction.

Whatever you do, don’t try to get out of the water. If you avoid your feelings, your little fins will dry out. Just try to be an observer. Try to be the fish that’s swimming instinctively, but also try to be the person who is watching the fish swim. Think about what you are feeling and what you are needing. What do the other people around you feel and need? 

Narrate your feelings and notice how these feelings loop in a pattern, probably connecting back to childhood. When was the first time you felt this feeling? Where is it located in your body?

Stay with the feelings even when it feels too hard. Do it by becoming the mom and dad to your sweet inner-child. Give yourself a hug and a kind word. Slather on the support you always needed. Show up for yourself now and you’ll notice that as a pattern that repeats throughout the year.


Sun and Moon conjunct North Node and opposite Saturn
Walking through wet sand.

At this time you are keen to make a path in the sand and move forward. But it feels like you’re getting pulled back toward the past. Can you really move forward when you are sinking? 

An eclipse happens with the Sun and Moon get very close to the Nodal axis, as they are now. An eclipse helps you reset patterns. At any moment the ocean waves will come through and wash away your tracks. 

Throw Saturn in the mix and the desire to succeed becomes serious.  This eclipse is a conflicting combination of trying to make progress, feeling like you are pulled toward the past, while all the while starting over. 

Sun and Moon trine Neptune
A seashell forms a spiral.

Seashells and spiral shaped plants, weather patterns and spiral shaped galaxies. All of them connected in form. You can change your perspective and realize that you are connected to everything. Nothing is better or worse. Everything is made up of the same stuff.

Sun and Moon sextile Uranus
Mushrooms release spores into the wind.

The less you try to anticipate or control, the more productive you’ll be. Find a gust of wind and follow it. The surprises that come your way have a lot to offer you. Assume that the current is taking you to new places.