Pisces Full Moon 2019


Since April, Saturn has been conjunct the South Node and we’ve been reviewing our past choices. We’ve been retracing our steps. All of this reevaluation has been causing us to change our minds. 



In some cases we’ve been reminded of joyous pursuits that we left behind in the past. In other cases we’ve gone back to a fork in the road that we took and toyed with what would have happened if we’d taken the other path. 

I’ve noticed some people have let go of compulsions or addictions that were no longer serving.

So what does this have to do with today’s Full Moon?

The Moon and Neptune in Pisces, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, Sun and Mars in Virgo, and the North Node in Cancer are ALL forming what is called a Mystic Rectangle at this Full Moon. 

A Mystic Rectangle is a complicated and misunderstood pattern that stretches us like a gymnast.

A gymnast pushes past pain and uses her natural flexibility to perform incredible movements. This aspect pattern is like that. You have to push yourself through and around pain. If you do so with a keen awareness of your limitations and a faithful vision of your potential, you’ll be somersaulting through the air in no time. 

All summer long, we’ve been looking over our shoulders.

What happened, how did we get here? What are we missing?

This Full Moon asks us to retrain our gaze forward. Take what you’ve learned and somersault into the mature emotional wisdom of the Pisces Full Moon. 

Everything matters and nothing matters.

It’s okay if you’ve been retracing your steps. But now it’s time for triple front somersault. To make that leap you have to intuitively trust that your training will pay off. You have to have faith in yourself and in your foundation. 

Get over all of the self-critique and soar forward. Stop criticizing others while you’re at it. We’re all just doing the best we can.

Pisces energy at its best is pure compassion and spiritual enlightenment.

This Full Moon Mystic Rectangle aspect pattern alchemizes all of the hard work of the summer and gives us an opportunity to shift into transcendence. The same way a gymnast makes complicated maneuvers look effortless.

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