Aquarius Full Moon 2019


Full Moon :: August 15, 2019 :: 8:31am EDT :: 22 degrees Aquarius

“Standing onstage looking out over the packed amphitheater. Spotlights pass over the crowd as the momentum builds. Everyone chants in excitement and anticipation. There is a collective energy and erratic power that comes from a group of people desiring together. Electricity builds. The singer is inspired and performs one more song.”

In this symbol are you the performer (Leo) or the audience (Aquarius)?

Maybe you’re both. 

On Thursday August 15th, we have a full Moon at 22 degrees Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius is opposite the Sun in Leo.

On a Full Moon everything is exaggerated. You might notice this first in your thoughts. Are your thoughts zipping by lightning bolts, taking you first in one direction and then another?

This is a powerful time to gain emotional perspective, but to do that you need to be fearless. Pounce like a lion on your electrical thoughts. Calm yourself. 

Use the Leo energy to say, “I am powerful. I do have pull and radiant magnificence.”

Then use the Aquarius energy to say, “So many currents of thoughts. What’s my vision? How do I want to use my brain to take me where I want to go? So many of the thoughts passing by are runaway fears. What are my runaway hopes and dreams?”

On every Aquarius Full Moon I get excited to see the activism that can emerge. 

We can ask ourselves: What are my hopes and dreams and do I believe that I am powerful enough to inspire masses? Am I an important part of the group? 

Here are some takeaways…

  • Will you let your energy and actions be determined by the power of the group? On a normal day, this could feel like getting caught up in a stream of thoughts that flows at you from social media, tv or the internet. The collective worries, fears, or excitement.

  • How do you want to bring your energy to the group (imagine you are the singer on stage)? Do you think that you are special enough to hold that kind of attention? What kind of impact could you have?

  • Ego- Where does your fear of being good enough trip you up? Where does it stop you from showing up? How are you getting in your own way?

  • Also ego- being self-centered can be another habit that might be explored. It’s hard to notice self-centered behavior. To gain awareness, meditation might help. Meditation is always good on a Full Moon.