Horoscopes for January 21 - January 27

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on the-numinous.com

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Fish swim in a school. They’re moving so fast that they become a blur, an incredible dance of synchronized movement. Know when it’s appropriate to go with the group. And know when you need to define yourself as an individual and go your own way. Not every battle will be worth fighting. and it’s important to maintain the integrity of the group. You must also be able to take a stand There’s a lot going o. Ride the waves but remember what’s most important.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth. The big lessons are being taught through the everyday occurrences. This doesn’t have to be a big deal. You may be learning how to negotiate logistics or free up more energy. The best thing you can do is be present in the moment. Stay centered in your body. Inquire about the workflow and habits that serve you best on a daily basis. Discover how you can create more space and time in your life. 

Aries // Aries Rising
A grand bouquet of flowers. Splash onto the scene and bedazzle the crowd. No need to hold back. In fact, it’s time to notice where you have been holding back. Where have you been playing small? Why have you been staying on the sidelines? Now’s the time to power through any hesitation. Put yourself out there in a fun and dynamic way. Can you measure your impact somehow? It will feel good to hear yourself being complimented. 

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Hydroelectric power. You’re gearing up to make a fresh start. But before you can do that you have to make sure the water is flowing properly. Is anything blocking your flow? Your emotional flow? Your intuitive flow? If you’re feeling a little disconnected, begin by giving yourself a block of time to get cozy at home. Keep the distractions low. Journal or chill by yourself. No TV. What’s there? What’s coming up? This inquiry will help you find your power.

Gemini // Gemini Rising
Looking at the cards you were dealt. What’s your next move? Think it through. Take time to make your assessments. Remember that this isn’t the only hand you’ll be dealt during this card game. That means, stay in motion. Make decisions, discard, bluff, make your bets, assess the odds. Then start all over. You are currently in the mode of collecting information. Plus you’re honing your mental skills. Stay sharp, have fun and play the game with curiosity.

Cancer // Cancer Rising
A penny in a gum ball machine. Where do all those pennies go? Are forgotten gum ball machines filling corners in decrepit shopping malls, brimming with spare change? Find your resources. Know what you have. These may be tangible resources that you need to count, monitor and honor. Or they may be more ephemeral resources, such as your sense of self-confidence or your skills as a typist. Know yourself and trust in your resources. 

Leo // Leo Rising
Celery hearts and hearts of palm. You’re discovering how you can bare your true heart and soul to the world. It’s a slow and tender process. If you become exposed without the proper preparation, you might wither like a vegetable left out in the sun. No need for that. Reveal when you’re ready. Then step back and recharge. Get used to the rhythm of shining and re-energizing. You are learning how to use your energy so that you can impact the world with grace and pizzazz. 

Virgo // Virgo Rising 
A blade. You may not feel ready, but it’s time to cut away the old. A blade makes a clean cut. However nothing about this moment may seem clear cut. So it’s a puzzle. How do you know what to excise when clarity is playing hide and seek? You might just have to go for it. Begin to release the past through forgiveness. Use compassion as your blade. Compassion and forgiveness will help you release the old without cutting off anything important. Release gently. 

Libra // Libra Rising 
Towel away sweat. You must be getting pumped up. Raise your heart rate, figuratively speaking. What is all this activity for? So that you feel strong enough to give back to the collective. Give back your wisdom. What have you learned? How can you share that with the masses? Pump yourself up for it. Only do it if it feels fun. It may be a bit of an exertion, but you’ll know it’s the right move to share your vision if you feel energized afterwards.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A farmer surveys the field. When you gaze at your figurative fields, you might notice some systems that you’ve put into place. Look at what you’ve accomplished. Get perspective and contemplate how far you’ve come. You can’t keep grinding without doing some kind of review. So take a step back and gaze out over the horizon. Honor your achievements. Now make a pan for the next phase. Planning is how you stay on track. Give yourself the gift of the big picture.  

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Rolling dice. It’s time to take some risks. Live large and out loud. Your exuberance has ebbed and flowed in different ways over the course of your lifetime. Reconnect with your boldest self. What does that part of you need at this moment? Find something that will inspire you to take up space, not out of egotism, but out of the need to share your truth with the world. This is a great time to travel and explore and raise yourself into a higher perspective. 

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
The center of a rose. Make time for intimacy with another person or with yourself. This can be physical or emotional intimacy. Intimacy is defined as being able to share your truth without the fear of judgement. Is there a relationship in your life that could benefit from more true intimacy? If so, does it seem important to face any fears that are in the way of you opening your heart? There are new levels of heart opening to be explored. Welcome in emotional healing and release.