Horoscopes for January 14 - January 20

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Churning butter. As you put in the effort you will discover that you are creating something good. There’s a process to this work. There must be faith. You must churn and turn for a while without seeing any result. But then it will begin to take shape. Be patient, trust the process. Take things step by step. You will be successful, if you continue to apply yourself. 

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
A fragrant perfume catches your attention. Train all of your senses. Make your senses more sensitive! You can do this by being present and staying attentive to the moment. Careful not to multitask too much. One thing at a time and truly pay attention to it. You will feel more balanced and more aware. In the end that balance will lead to clarity and mental rest.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Candy land. A place where trees are lollipops and rivers are chocolate. Dreams and visions may be dancing through your head. Spend time imagining. Let your mind wander. You may have some ideas come through that are almost like “downloads.” These ideas will help you understand your next step or something important that you can contribute to the world. 

Aries // Aries Rising
Carrying a flame. Keep the fire going. The fire is your inspiration. It’s your motivation. If you let it die out, you’ll have a harder time gearing up again. So stay inspired by keeping your goals and your dreams written down in front of you. This will help you illuminate your purpose and help you continue to take steps forward. Feed your inspiration and stay in motion.

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Building stepping stones in a garden. The stones represent your path forward. The garden represents creativity. This is a time to be creative, fertile, spontaneous and abundant. Make and create, make and create.Yet, at the same time, understand why you are motivated. What is your philosophical path? What deep philosophy inspires you and keeps you interested in planting flowers? 

Gemini // Gemini Rising
A fish in deep waters. Eyesight is less important in the dark depths of the ocean. And when you make it so far down into the depths, the pressure increases. Close your eyes and look within. What emotions need to be noticed and released? Once you gain awareness of the feelings, it’s so much easier to feel them fully, and with gratitude, let them go. Take your time, but be diligent.

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Adding more feathers to a pillow. Plump up the comfort. Offer the cozy pillow to a darling partner. This is a moment to understand your patterns in relationships. You love to care for others and be nurturing. Now is the time to gain mental clarity around this pattern and any other patterns. Do you need to set up some new healthy boundaries? Make yourself truly comfortable.

Leo // Leo Rising
Jumping on a trampoline. You can jump on a trampoline for fun or for exercise. Understand your motivations when it comes to your healthy practices. Sometimes we need to motivate ourself to do things that are good for us. What’s your motivation? And how will you follow through on your health goals? If possible, try to make these healthy practices fun. Having fun is deeply important for you.

Virgo // Virgo Rising 
A penguin sliding across the ice. Even if things feel chaotic and out of control, there is actually order. This moment is prime for finding the balance between structure and surprises. Let yourself slide around a little bit, and try to have fun while you work with the situation at hand. Remember that you are “on time” and that you do have a plan. See if you can let the plan happen without controlling the process. 

Libra // Libra Rising 
A kite dancing in the air. Without someone guiding the kite from the ground, it would just fall down. The more grounded you are, the better you’ll become at flying your kite. You can be grounded emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. From a solid foundation comes beautiful expansion. Don’t skip any steps. Find a sense of graceful security and then fly high to reach your goals. 

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
Looking down from a cloud. It’s time for perspective. What a great thing! To get above the daily grind and see the big picture. When have you had perspective in the past? What helped you take that mental leap? Can you recreate that experience of seeing the big picture? Understand that you aren’t just these thoughts and this moment. Perspective will help you feel peaceful and serene. 

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Choreographed fight moves. A whirling mass of beautifully timed kicks and punches. You make it look so easy. You are moving with great coordination. Keep crossing off the items on your to-do list. Keep moving toward your goals in a strong and graceful way. You can succeed right now if you understand your physicality. Take breaks. Find alignment. Be consistent. Get it done.