Horoscopes for February 25th - March 3rd

by Sandy Sitron, Originally posted on the-numinous.com

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Fishing. Fishing is an interesting combination of action and non-action. Balance effort and receiving. Doing and being. How can you do more and do less at the same time? This may seem complicated, but it’s probably very simple. Which actions feel the most exciting? Is there room in your life for more meditation? Cast your line and then just be. 

Aries // Aries Rising
Spicy food. Internalize the heat. You really only know how spicy something when you actually eat it. This is a time of restoration. Use it to build up your fire from within. Usually you’re the action person. Right now it’s time to take outside inspiration and nurture it within you. Let the heat build up so that you’re ready for the action phase that’s coming soon.

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Solving a puzzle. This is puzzle you are solving for fun. Keep that in mind. You are trying to actively build new levels of understanding. You’re testing your mind and building new mental connections. There might be moments when you forget and feel burdened by the pressure of the puzzle you’re working on. Remind yourself that this problem solving can be amusing.

Gemini // Gemini Rising
Reinforcing a seam. Run the sewing machine back and forth over the seam. This relates to work and it could mean a variety of things. Take your pick: You are trying to build two career ideas at the same time. You need to double check your work and go back over what you’ve already done. You are building something very strong that is bound to be successful. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Cancer // Cancer Rising
Slot machine cherries. You are gambling. It’s important to always balance risk and security. Make room for both. There could be some fruit or abundance that shows up, especially if you actively try to stretch out of your comfort zone. I’m not advising that you actually gamble, just that you make more room for healthy risk in your life. Push yourself to explore. 

Leo // Leo Rising
Blank check. When someone shows up offering unlimited help and support, how do you accept it? Do you welcome it? This is a moment to consider themes of trust, support, and sharing resources. When are you open to receive? When are you closed off? Neither is inherently good or bad, just notice so that you can build conscious awareness.

Virgo // Virgo Rising 
Bullseye. There are times when it’s appropriate to go back and forth. But when you shoot an arrow, you can’t run up to the target and move the arrow around, continuously adjusting. You can practice so that you do better the first time. In conversation and relationship, show up with confidence right now. You need to get to the point.

Libra // Libra Rising 
Fields of chamomile. Breathe in and relax. Look everywhere for hints of natural beauty that can inspire you. There is a strong suggestion that finding the right combinations of herbs, essential oils, or flower essences is recommended for your health right now. Seek out the right care for your body and mind. You can benefit from the simple support that the Earth has to offer you. 

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
Business card. Put yourself out there. Imagine feeling so brave and outgoing that you hand your business card to everyone you meet. This could be a real or imaginary business card. But the idea here is that you stand behind your name. You put yourself out there. Envision your name in lights. Or in purses and wallets. Your individuality is something to promote.

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
A raft. Rafts are made for drifting. When you drift you have to go where the current takes you. If you try to fight the current of emotions, it will make everything harder. Float along, naming your feelings as they come. Sit with the feelings and do an emotional inventory. This process will help you strengthen your emotional base. Allow the flow.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Sticky gum. Stick yourself onto new ideas. Be an avid listener and learner. Stimulate your mind through curiosity and conversation. Ask lots of questions. Stick yourself onto other people, follow them around so that you can gain a brand new perspective. Learning might feel like a distraction from your projects, but it will actually revitalize you.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Cornucopia. It’s time for a special abundance and gratitude ritual. This will help you remain conscious of your many resources. It’s nice to do this annually, like at American Thanksgiving. But how great would it be to celebrate abundance spontaneously? Feast or do something else that shows your gratitude. Make it magnificent. This process will help raise your vibration.