Horoscopes for September 2nd - September 8th

Virgo // Virgo Rising
A friendly game of hopscotch. You’re hopping along and trying to stay within the lines. You’re playing a game. The object of the game is to get things organized while simultaneously being the center of attention. Jump high and have fun, while at the same time being careful and systematic. When in doubt, practice your moves. But trust that this is your moment to shine.

Libra // Libra Rising
Examining a field of flowers. Each flower is a universe. You are a universe too. A conglomeration of the past, present and further. Some things ares tarting to make sense right now. You don’t need to have the answers or know exactly what you will do. Just let these new truths develop on all the many layers of mind. Change will follow soon, but for now just be in the moment.

Scorpio // Scorpio Rising
A telescope. Get outside of yourself. There’s more to see. It’s in a different dimension of thought. If you have been caught up in an emotion or in an old story, snap yourself out of it. Look in the telescope and find a faraway persecutive. Some outside thought or mantra that can help your reframe the old situation. It’s time to break into new mental territory.

Sagittarius // Sagittarius Rising
Puppies rolling over each other. How is the image of playful puppies connected with the concept of career? Mesh these two ideas together and what you might come up with is a bubbly attitude that can take you toward your goals and ambitions. Puppies play and tumble and roll. It looks like a lot of fun, but it’s actually part of their healthy development. Have more fun at work and it might take you places.

Capricorn // Capricorn Rising
Hitting the golf ball way into the distance. Precision is important, but direction is key. Where and what are you aiming for? If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or train. You can have the best technique but feel completely out of alignment if you don’t have your mission statement defined. It’s time to discover your values and feel inspired by your mission. Aim true.

Aquarius // Aquarius Rising
Parrots speak. There’s a lot to say. You need to get to the emotional root of a conversation. Sometimes we talk and talk our way around the truth. If you don’t discuss what’s really important, you will feel as if you are stuck. Be brave and examine your heart. Speak your truth. Be kind and hold space for someone else’s truth. Be steady and sit with the feelings as they flow forth.

Pisces // Pisces Rising
Handfuls of glitter. So much emotion is coming up around partnership. You may need to take a step back so that you can think more clearly about your relationship patterns. Do you throw confetti on every conflict and ignore the truth that needs to be spoken? Or is there a partnership pattern that could actually use a little more glitter and a little less criticism?

Aries // Aries Rising
A hog searching for truffles. Search for ways to be more grounded. There are hidden gems waiting for you. To find them you need to achieve more organization and balance in your daily life. Get things sorted. This is a busy time and it may feel as if a lot is being demanded of you. Keep searching. There’s a better way to organize your time.

Taurus // Taurus Rising
Fog drifts over the landscape. The fog that should drift over your personal landscape is a gauzy wave of fun and joy. When we look too hard at the details we can get overwhelmed and pessimistic. Blur things out a bit and let that help you have a positive outlook. Maybe your dreams are possible. You don’t have to know how it will all come together exactly. Just take action that is grounded in joy.

Gemini // Gemini Rising
A full cup of water. Water is emotions. Your vessel is full. That means that it’s time to empty out some of the old feelings. Let yourself feel any feelings that may be bottled up. Think back to childhood. What did you need support with, that you didn’t get? Can your stronger adult self give your younger self that support now?

Cancer // Cancer Rising
A tin can of sardines. Let your ideas out of the can. There’s something that you need to release. It might feel really good to talk. Once you get started talking you might find that you actually have a lot to say. Talking might bring up feelings and that’s totally okay. Journal, read, study, discuss. As you get these ideas moving a fresh new perspective will help you organize your feelings and thoughts.

Leo // Leo Rising
A brook babbles quietly as it flows over the rocks. Whisper quietly to yourself. There are truths that you need to memorize, so say them as if they are affirmations. Say them constantly: Your source is strong. You are abundant. You flow at the right speed, there is no need to rush. You don’t have to prove anything. You are just where you need to be. The path is clear and your dance is graceful.