Horoscopes for February 12 - February 18

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A mountain hike. It’s time to climb. Remember— you already know the path. You can put in effort and you can move up. There will be moments this week to pause and be gentle with yourself. And there will be moments to exert yourself. Make a careful assessment and do whichever you are in the mood for. When the moment is right, it can feel good to push yourself. You are ready to leave the past behind, so keep going.

Pisces or Pisces Rising
A pine tree forest. Venture into the forest. Inside, the light is a shimmery, filtered by branches and pine needles. There is sweetness in the air. A pristine inner world awaits. Turn your gaze inward. Create space and time for yourself to be alone. Wonder and discover. Find out how you’re truly feeling. Let your quiet and centered truth rise up gently to the surface. This is a time for sweet retreat.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Pushing the pedals of a bicycle. If you push with no resistance, you’ll be able to speed along. Show up ready to assert yourself. Make sure you have the equipment you need. You’ve been building up your platform and your network, now you have to use your own energy to push the pedals and keep the bike in motion.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Hold out your hand. The key to your success at work is in your connections. Help those around you— your clients, colleagues, peers and mentors. By reaching out your hand and helping those who need it, you’ll find that you advance in the perfect way. There’s a brilliant connection between sharing your strength with others and advancing incrementally in your career.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A jigsaw puzzle is missing a piece. You are in a holding pattern. The key is that you need to take a different approach. Don’t do the same old thing. Maybe now is the time to backtrack and contemplate why you’re doing what you’re doing. Maybe you need to journal and find out what’s really on your mind. This is the time for mental exploration so that you can decide what is most important and proceed accordingly.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A snake uses its tongue to sense its surroundings. This is a time of profound transformation. You need to get grounded. Settle in. Embrace solitude and ritual. Let yourself begin the process of shedding your skin. It’s safe and it’s necessary so that you can feel like you’ve reset an old pattern. This is a powerful transformation and nothing less.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A lion stalks through the jungle. Hold yourself up in your full glory. Trust yourself. In some ways, this is how you will succeed in your relationships right now. You need to feel like you’re being seen and respected for your true majesty. By knowing how dynamic and exceptional you are, you can relax and share with another person. You need to feel confident and secure.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Snow falls. Let control fall away. You can’t control how the snow falls. It’s the unique journey of each individual flake. Similarly, let all of the mundane details of life be messy. Eventually it will become clear what you need to prioritize. Just let things be unorganized for a moment. Soon it will be easier to make decisions.

Libra :: Libra Rising
A perfect diamond. Where’s your sparkle? Is it lost? This is your time to reset how you experience joy. You can’t depend on other people for it. Joy must come from within. It must well up in inside of you and overflow. Living a joyous life can become a healthy habit. Begin by reconnecting with your creativity. This is your moment for creative renewal.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A bucket disappears down a well. You are ready to go deep. Explore the mother wound. Find out where you are ready for rebirth. It’s important to release the emotions that need to be felt. Look deep within and let the feelings rise up. It’s okay to be nostalgic and it’s okay to examine the past. Fresh healing and clarity can be invigorated now.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Holding out a pan to catch to rain. You are ready to accumulate drops of wisdom and knowledge. Collect ideas. Invigorate your curiosity. Make the mental and social connections that need to be made. Have fun with it. It’s okay to splash in puddles and dance in the rain while you learn what you need to learn.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Living with giants. It’s easy to see the path to greatness. But for now, stay focused on the foundation. Keep low to the ground. What are your resources? What are your basic structures? How do you take care of yourself? Is money flowing in a way that feels comfortable? If not, why? Soon it will be time to grow, but for now keep your inquiry simple and practical.