Cancer Full Moon

photo by Altinay Dinc

photo by Altinay Dinc

Full Moon : December 22, 2018 :: 12:50 pm EST :: 0 degrees Cancer

Dig a deep hole near the root system of a tree.
As you dig, you disturb the old growth. You disrupt the system. 
You will plant a seed in this hole.
It’s not easy to plant new life among old growth. The established roots create barriers for the little seedling. 

This old root system may not seem like fertile ground. 
But life will find a way.

Plant your seed and gemination will occur.
A new way becomes incubated.
New life develops next to old growth.

Cancer is the sign of nurturing new life. Capricorn is the sign of old established growth. On Saturday December 22nd, we have a Full Moon at 0 degrees Cancer. The Moon in Cancer is opposite the Sun in Capricorn.

Cancer and Capricorn are the two parents of the zodiac.

Cancer gives tenderness and love and Capricorn gives discipline. This is your opportunity to balance nurturance and structure.

A full moon creates pressure as two opposite signs create a push-pull. A tug of war. In this case the question of opposites is, how will you be kind and firm with yourself at the same time?

Kind and firm, just like a good parent. This weekend, you may find opportunities to re-parent yourself. 

The image of the seed planted among the roots of the tree describes the new emotional pattern that you can nurture within yourself. You’re not starting fresh. You’ve got old habits, patterns and conditioning to contend with. But you can re-parent yourself and nurture a new habit reaction.

At this Full Moon there’s pressure. It’s coming in from all directions.

Instead of avoiding it, sit with it. Sit with the emotional aspect of the pressure you’re under.

For example, if you are feeling the pressure of “not enough time,” what’s the emotional story that goes with that?

If you’re feeling pressure of “doing a good job,” how does that actually feel? Like shame? Fear?
The pressure of, “I’m not good enough” has a feeling quality. What is it?

Celebration has it’s own kind of pressure. Sometimes we have a feeling that the event or party has to be really good, and the stakes are high. What’s the emotion around that?

The first step to re-parenting is to sit with any feelings instead of avoiding them.
Befriend those feelings.
Notice where they reside in your body. 
Take a few deep breaths. Relax into the feelings. Don't run away.

Allow yourself to visualize these emotions as a form of energy that floats just outside of yourself. Now see this energy form as yourself a child. What age are they? What do they need? 

Talk to this version of your inner-child with a compassionate and firm voice. Give them the support that they need. Give them the love that they need. 

Explore how you can begin to take care of the child-like part of yourself better on a daily basis.
How can you nurture yourself more?

This is your big work at the Cancer Full Moon. Steady yourself by loving yourself more. Find new pathways to connect with and nurture your inner child. This process will help you find the alignment that you crave in the New Year. It will help you strengthen your root system and develop new growth within yourself. 

Moon square Uranus

Shoulder no burdens.
It’s time to shake it off.
Transmute the disturbances to your energetic field.
Release and heal.
This is a moment to start fresh, like a newborn.

You have been growing and developing. Time continues and we age. But we can continuously go back to the beginning and start fresh. Through deep love and compassion for self we upgrade and innovate the old patterns. This is a time for an electrical re-start. 

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