Horoscopes for January 22 - January 28

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
A row of flowers. Focus and bloom. Determine what needs to be done and make it happen. You know in your heart what you’re ready to bring into the world. If you prune your schedule and stick to your priorities you’ll be able to take action and then celebrate.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A fountain of melted chocolate. Get in the flow. Dream, imagine, and emote. Connect to your spirituality. This practice is sweet. It can feel like a treat. You just have to make space for it. Find some quiet space where you can focus inward. Reflect and invigorate yourself through your imagination and emotions.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Bowling. The ball has already been put in motion. The path is clear. Now you can let the situation build momentum and wait for the outcome. Hang tight and wait to see what happens. It’s a game. And regardless of the result, you’ll soon be able to take aim again.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A buoy bobs on wavy waters. You are staying afloat. And not only that, you are secure. You’re not going anywhere. The waters may be rocky, but it actually isn’t affecting you. You have a job to do, so do it without overthinking anything.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A magical being makes a path through a forest. You can take the usual and make it unusual. Trust in your imagination and find something that inspires you. If you are bored, remember that there are always new things to explore, no matter where you are. Invigorate your mindset and find the magic in your life.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Opening a book. It’s a special moment when you are poised to enter into a new story. There can be a moment of anticipation. You have closed the old book and you’re opening a new one. Symbolically let go of an old emotional burden. Make a fresh start. Look for opportunities to change your story.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Standing in a castle turret and letting down your hair. This is not a fairy tale. You wouldn’t want it to be anyway. Yes, be romantic and magnetic. But don’t get caught up in an outdated or dramatic relationship pattern. Say what you want and need. Communicate clearly. Listen well. This will help you keep yourself grounded in reality.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Anteater. You’ve adapted so well to your surroundings. What do you need to do next? Maybe you need to refine your processes even more. Find out what could be organized or simplified so that you can maximize your efficiency.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Cotton candy. Is it even food? What’s it made of? It actually doesn’t matter because it’s pure fun. Put reason and practicality aside for a little while and focus on enjoyment. You must brighten up your routine or else you’ll quickly become unbalanced. Fun and playfulness are in order.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Emperor penguins march in a line. Tender and maternal animals that have adapted to extreme conditions. They’re here to teach you dedication. Take responsibility. Hold yourself accountable. You need to be able defend and protect what’s important to you. The process can be beautiful and loving. But at the root, the labor of love you have taken on is about dedication.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Flags and streamers floating in the wind. You’ll show up in top condition if you feel excited about the cause. Pump yourself up with excitement. Get curious. Use that desire to learn as a motivating factor in your pursuit of excellence. The flags and banners are meant to remind you that this is a special time when you can compete at a hight level. Just remember that it’s your choice.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Rowing a boat in the moat that surrounds your fortress. You can fortify the walls, but the truth is that security is an illusion. You’ll feel happiest when you trust yourself. As you row the boat around your fortress, revaluate how you’re trying to create security. Maybe your mindset is keeping you trapped. Find a practical way to set yourself free. Let security become a state of mind.