Horoscope for October 2-8


Libra :: Libra Rising

Seated in meditation. The hardest thing to do right now is to be patient. But that is what you must do. You must be patient in your relationships. Be patient in your vision of yourself and who you are becoming. Incubate a feeling of serenity in your heart. This is important because you are in a moment primed for heartfelt explosions or ultimatums. An outburst might be cathartic, but it won’t help you align with your underlying goals. Let the feelings flow but practice patience in your reactions.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising

The cue ball rolls slowly into the pocket of the pool table. Precision. Pacing. Pay attention to your health. Take simple and easy steps to invigorate physical balance. Get in tune with your intuition and it will lead you to the best physical practices that will support your health. Be persistent and just focus on today. Change your habits slowly and incrementally.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising

Jumping in a moon bounce at a block party. When was the last time you really let loose? You’ve got to play. Everything will grind to a halt if you don’t let yourself have fun. Loosen up your grip, let go of control and let your childlike nature break free. It’s totally okay to be childlike— jump on the couch or giggle until you can’t breathe. Create mental space that will allow you to be carefree.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising

Foraging for medicinal herbs in a field. Resources and support are all around you. The pathway to emotional healing is beckoning. The only question is, will you take the initiative to follow it? Take note of any workaholic tendencies. If that’s happening, is it keeping you from feeling your feelings? Are you trying to distract yourself? Look for the healing that is available to you, it’s right under your nose.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising

A heron flying low. Looking for fish. You have plenty of energy to scoop them up. You’ve got to stay on the move and stay focused on your prize. Increase your curiosity. Keep looking for your next clue. Connect with your community and find the simple wisdom that will lead you to your goal. This is a time for learning and searching. Don’t stray too far from the course. This is no time for laziness, you must keep seeking.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising

Layers of bedrock. It’s time for a focused and grounded ritual. Make mental space for an expanded sense of security. Use your magical tools— meditation, prayer, gratitude, visualization, music, creativity, etc. to invigorate your concept of your worth. It’s time to bolster your self-worth and your financial worth. Let the ideas “I deserve,” and “I am worthy,” become stable bedrock within your mind.

Aries :: Aries Rising

A dancing flame. Let a smile play around the corner of your lips. You get to be here. You get to experience this body, this time, this incarnation. The simplicity of that fact can be enough, if you let it. Nothing ever has to be more complicated than this key phrase, “I am.” Of course, it often is more complicated than that because life is designed to be a maze of experience, learning and creative challenge. But for today, find vibrant satisfaction in the idea that you are here and that is good.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising

Elephants walking in a line. Like a scene from the movie Fantasia, a kaleidoscope of symbols spiral and then morph into new shapes. The elephants walking in a line become birds flying overhead and the shapes of the birds pool into a ladle of water drawn from a well. Drink the magic visions and remember that there is more to this mysterious experience than what initially meets the eye. You must look into the symbolism of the patterns in your life right now and find deep emotional healing. Pay attention.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising

A riddle. You might ask for help and then find that the assistance is offered comes in the form of a new puzzle. In every corner of your life you are being challenged to stretch your brain to accept new ideas. Take the challenge. Step toward it. You are ready to break free of the old mental constraints. Break out into a new level of learning. Enough with the plateau. It’s time to advance so that you’re ready for your future self.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising

Polar bear. Maternal bear. What about your fierceness? What about your strength? When do you access your power? It’s always there and this is your moment to allow it to flow through your veins. It’s just not enough to play small anymore. It’s just not enough to hide your strength. Stand up— in your career, your vocation, your work. Do so by taking assertive action. Say “yes” to what you believe in.

Leo :: Leo Rising

Holding the corners of the parachute. Dance. Laugh. Be jolly. Follow that playful spirit and see where excitement will take you. Maybe it will take you to the edge of a cliff and you’ll bring your parachute. You’ll take the leap and explore new territory. This is a sacred journey that can bring you closer to your own truth. Embark on the journey and don’t forget to bring joy with you.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising

A ferris wheel. The wheel of life spins. It’s like a ferris wheel. Birth, sex, death, rebirth. On and on. Acknowledge the wheel. Acknowledge that part of playing the game of life is making a contract to create and a contract to release. Create your new world and release anything that is ready be forgiven. Set the intention and then enjoy the ride.