Horoscopes for September 18-24

image by the numinous
image by the numinous

Virgo :: Virgo Rising

A cresting wave. Momentum. You’ve been working to get everything organized and and your work is about to pay off.  Keep staying attentive to the details and systems that you’ve created, but loosen up your grip and let yourself coast a little bit too. Enjoy yourself. Play. Look for moments of confidence and hold on to them. This is what you’ve been working for.

Libra :: Libra Rising

A bouquet of roses. This is a time for rest and retreat. Soak in the beauty that’s around you. Be sweet to yourself. Give yourself the gift of kindness. You are in a phase of subconscious processing and it may be hard to be left-brained logical right now. So instead, retreat. Center your attention on your emotions, creativity, reflection, and your spiritual practices.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising

Stomping around in muddy boots. Make an impact. Let your presence be known. It’s time to invigorate your need to feel connected to a larger community. This isn’t always a primary need that you focus your attention on, typically it’s more natural for you to connect with people one on one. But right now you can easily set intentions for community building. It’s time to feel like you are part of something.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising

The spiky waves of an audio recording. It’s okay to have irregular waves of energy. Right now, your energy may be a little bit erratic when it comes to your work. But work is a place for you to put your focus. Try to create systems and routines. Set up new goals and intentions for your career. Look for ways to streamline so that you can grow.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising

A big gold star in the sky. Keep being directed toward achievement. Stay focused on the goal. Back up your goals with a mission statement. This is the moment to set intentions for your “why.” Why are your goals important to you? What is the driving philosophical motivation? Once you have some clear ideas, keep them posted nearby. Stay connected with your “why.”

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising

Children playing outside in the summertime. Memories need to be sorted through. It’s time to take stock, reflect, and release. Let go of anything old that is no longer serving you. Forgive. Create a ritual that helps you release the emotional charge of anything you are ready to let go of. It’s time to strike out on a new path, and to do so, you need to release some baggage.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising

Rolling hills and meadows. Appreciate where you are. Soak it in. Find gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for. Activating gratitude will allow more abundance to flow into your life. This New Moon takes place in your area of relationships. What are you ready to appreciate when it comes to relationships? Set fresh intentions for your relationships and activate gratitude to help make yourself a vibrational match for these intentions.

Aries :: Aries Rising

Eating cake. You’re focused on getting your daily life organized, healthy, and routine. This is a great way for you to use your energy right now. But your symbol this week offers a reminder that you should also remember to enjoy yourself. Take care of business in all of the practical areas of your life— sleep, nutrition, money management, efficient workflows, home organization, etc. And when you have finished a hard day’s work, take time out to relax and play.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising

A single engine plane diving and turning in the sky. Expand and explore. Do something fun that lights you up. Set fresh intentions for joy and creativity. This is a time for you to learn to meet a need that you don’t always focus on— your need to give and receive attention. You deserve to be appreciated. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to receive positive attention.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising

A hopping frog. Emotional transformation. This is a moment for you to think and learn about your emotional nature. What emotion is easiest for you to express? What emotion is most difficult for you to express? Why? Set intentions to use your emotions as an inner GPS. Respect what this inner guidance system is telling you. Make sure that you have healthy ways to move emotions through your body. Do some journalling and reflecting on your emotional processes.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising

A swan dive. Look for proof of your own gracefulness. What is grace? Maybe it’s inner balance. A sweet acceptance of yourself. When you accept yourself and feel balanced within, it’s natural to exude that peace and harmony outward and have a positive impact on the world. This is a moment for you to make adjustments to the way you think about yourself, so that you create more peace in the world.

Leo :: Leo Rising

Looking through a telescope at a castle. Visions of grandeur. Set your sights on the wealth you can build. Maybe this is actual wealth that will set you up for a life of affluence and philanthropy in the 3-dimensional world. Maybe this is inner wealth and security that helps you know your own worth. Probably it’s both. That’s a lot of pressure for one weekly horoscope, but the key here is “set your sights.” Set your intentions for your life in relationship to inner and outer wealth and abundance.