New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo 2017


August 21st, 2017 we experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo.

The path of totality of the New Moon Solar Eclipse covers the continental US. But whether or not you reside in the US, this eclipse is complex and a very special moment...

Eclipses are a chance to "reset." You are choosing a new path.

What do you feel called to reevaluate?

Look back to where you were 6 months ago. What has developed since the last eclipse pair? What would you like to develop in the next 6 months?

An important idea to consider at this eclipse time is that the Moon's shadow blocks out the Sun's light. In Astrology, the Moon is emotion and the Sun is your "core" self. The changeable, emotional Moon is taking over here for a moment. Emotions may be heightened! That offers a great chance to examine emotions that need to come to the surface. Just remember to bring conscious awareness to your emotional reactions.

A great way to work with heightened emotions at this Eclipse is with Breathwork. I'll let my dear friend Erin Telford explain-

"Breathwork is an active meditation technique that cleanses and clears stuck energy, trauma, emotional default settings, lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction, connects you to your intuition, helps you access your creativity and opens your heart to increased gratitude and self-love.  It is a self-healing practice an efficient and effective way to emotionally detox."

Erin and I have teamed up to create a guided Breathwork video meditation + Cosmic Eclipse Insights video AND I've included a personalized Sun & Rising sign information for how to best work with this eclipse energy!

I go in-depth in this vid to explain what this eclipse is all about astrologically. In it you'll find information about the astronomy and astrology of a Solar Eclipse, channelled insight (a pretty powerful message came through for this one), and a full astrological portrait of the aspects at play.

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