Horoscopes for July 3rd-July 9th

image by the numinous

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
The dam breaks and the waters rush forward. Allow the flow of emotions. What a different experience it would be to ride the waves of emotion with a sense of acceptance. Set up post as an observer in your mind. Notice when a rush of feeling comes through. And coach yourself along with kind words of acceptance. When self-acceptance is intact, you can let the rushing waters of your heart pool at the feet of a loved one. Make your emotional experience into an offering. Create intimacy by sharing your feelings with a partner.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Horses eating grass. Keep it contained. Keep it simple. Don’’t try to take care of anyone else. Just take care of yourself. Be a little bit methodical and plod along through the sweet grass, making sure to eat your fill. Put your head down and ignore the ups and downs of life as it swirls around you. Stay focused on the simple things that help you feel nourished.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A coral reef. Multitudes of fishes swimming in and out. An ecosystem teeming with life and a bright myriad of colors. You are the coral reef. Nurture liveliness. Let yourself feel joyous. Allow a heightened sense of creativity to course through your veins. And share. Share your self-expression with a sense of collaboration and fun. Watch your efforts multiply.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Staring into an elephant’s trunk. Learn about the behaviors of the maternal pachyderm. The elephant is steady, protective and patient. Can you infuse your day with this kind of energy? Coax out your inner child, and remind her that she is safe and supported. Be patient with yourself to create spaciousness and emotional stability.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Geodesic domes. Innovative architecture. Support beams connect in surprising ways, forming a protected space. You can make connections that will offer you the same kind of shelter. You can make social connections that surprise you into a new way of thinking. You can take a class that may invigorate your mindset. Look for new ways to connect the dots.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Breathing roses. A warm, earthy and fragrant smell. A rose petal essence that wafts through the air, offering relaxation and helping you open your heart. Connect with the Earth’s natural medicine. Put your bare feet on the ground. Linger near a garden. Let the pace of your energy align with the heartbeat of the Earth. All of this to gain a feeling of being grounded and encourage your strong sense of self-worth.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
The interlocking gears of a clock. You are keeping time. The earth-bound limitations of time offer you a constraint against which you can map your progress. But don’t let your inner-clock become a burden. There is enough time. Comparing your progress to other people’s progress won’t give you more peace. Worrying about whether you are “on time” won’t make life more magical. Choose a different thought. Practice being in the moment. The moment is spacious.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Rainbow jet streams left in the wake of flying unicorn hooves. Keep prancing along, but put a little more magic in your step. Where can your imagination take you in a day-dream? Frolic on rainbow hooves through symbolic realms. It’s time to firm up your spiritual foundation. If you need an access point, try meditating. Let mindfulness make your everyday existence more magical.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A gust of wind. A candle is extinguished. Movement. Change. Beginnings and endings bring new ways of thinking about things. Let yourself settle into a new environment. Give yourself time to let your eyes adjust to the light. Make room for the change that is coming, or the change that already came by creating a mindset of flexibility and positivity. What is the most hopeful thought you can have right now? Maintain a feeling of faith.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Pepper falling from a mill. Grind the pepper mill. There is some work to be done. But the rewards aren’t far off as the pepper falls plentifully on your plate. Pepper your day with moments of surprise. Keep things interesting. Add immense flavor. Don’t get overrun by a work cycle, but do let the work feel interesting and innovative.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
An ice igloo. Travel to the ends of the earth. Envision an opposite way of living. Why? Because it will give you perspective that you can bring home with you. And when you do, you can see more clearly how to direct your energy. When you reach the other side of the Earth, in your mind or in your physical travels, immerse yourself in it. Adapt to a foreign environment or a foreign mindset. What you need to do is expand your way of thinking about yourself so that you can harness a philosophy which will serve you in your future endeavors.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A camel walking across a desert. Store up your resources. Conserve your energy. There is a long road ahead and in order to make the journey, you need to be somewhat practical. A part of that practicality is the basic understanding that you need to let your emotions flow, Don’t keep that water stagnant for too long. At the same time recognize your emotional security. You keep taking care of your emotions and you will be able to easily complete the journey.