Horoscopes for April 10 - 16

image by the numinous

Aries :: Aries Rising
Wrapped presents. It’s time for you to unwrap your gift. The gift has been sitting in the corner all this time. It’s yours. You get to have it now. To proceed, turn on all the lights. Look in every corner. Look in places you don’t normally go. Ask around. Where is the gift? It’s in the most obvious place. It’s in the situation that is on your mind. Look closely at the situation and ask, what is the gift? You might not like the wrapping paper. But when you can fully see the gift, you’ll know that it’s exactly perfect for you. It contains everything you need right now.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A pigeon in flight. The city pigeon is kind of a derelict bird. It’s flight is clumsy and seems somewhat obligatory. And yet, underneath it’s disguise, this bird is a genius. The pigeon is utterly resourceful. It symbolizes security, peace and communication. That’s a powerhouse of symbolism. Refine your ability to communicate. Refine your ability to create peace in your life. Refine your ability to feel secure. How can you practice these things? And what if you could improve in these areas? Can you imagine the result?

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Putting together a puzzle. What are the things that stimulate you? What are the things that bring you joy? What would be the ideal amount of time to devote to these things? Here’s the answer to that last question. You need to feel stimulated and interested most of the time. This is your birthright. Boredom is your bane. But guess what, this is something you’re completely in charge of. You create your own capacity to be interested. Truly. Prioritize your need to be fascinated by your life. Your life is supposed to be all about learning. This does not mean that all of the learning needs to be easy. But it does mean that you need to be engaged.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Pine branches burning. The scent of sap and pine is cleansing. Cleanse your mind. Cleanse your home. It’s time to clear out and let go. You need to do this so that you can put things in perspective. What this means is, you need to let go of some past issues, so that you aren’t getting overly triggered. Here’s one way to approach this, notice your reactions. If your reaction to something is more heated than the actual situation deserves, you are probably actually reacting to something old. Find out what the old thing is. Sometimes you can do this just by paying attention. Clear out the old stuff. Lighten your load.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Lights on the marquee. It’s time to shine in your community. Get out there and circulate. Maybe you find yourself by spending time with a new crowd. Maybe you make new connections. Maybe you get noticed in a new way. The underlying thing to remember with all of this is that you are worthy of connection. You get to belong. Feeling connected and included in this way may help you understand how special you are. But none of this will just happen to you. You have to put in a little effort here. You have to believe that it’s possible. You deserve recognition.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Building a new path. You have options. You can begin to understand how to traverse the mud. Look around and really understand what your resources are. Instead of continuing to drag through something that just isn’t working, how can you rise above it? There is a better way. It has to do with believing in yourself and your abilities. It might seem as if there aren’t any other options, but there truly are. You just have to be secure within yourself. Then you’ll be able to see everything that you’ve got going for you.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Galloping along a beach. Are you the horse or are you on the horse? Hard to say with this symbol. Be the horse for a moment. Be a wild horse. You can be the picture of freedom. You can be filled with speed, joy and life. Take some time to express these ideas through movement, music, art, or some other form of creativity. Bring freedom into your body experientially. Feel it. Be it. Take this feeling into your decisions. Don’t make a decision without knowing if the outcome will make you feel more free or less free. Let yourself expand into spaces you never thought you could inhabit. Own it.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Finding the hidden treasure. Gold and jewels. You are ready to adventure forth. Visit your dream world. Journey through your subconscious realms. There’s joy to be had by digging deeper. It may feel very challenging at first. But you are ready to reap the rewards. You’re ready to feel different. You’re ready for a change. So follow your intuition to the things you need to see, so that you can change. If you keep asking for intuitive clues, you’ll be led in the right direction.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Setting foot on the trail. You have the ability now to go on an adventure. Your impulse is to go further outside of your comfort zone. Choose exploration. Choose a different vantage point. Before you set out, it’s important that you have an idea of what you’re looking for. What’s your vision for the future? Are you crystal clear on this? Decide and then go. As you move along this new path, you will have the opportunity to create a community. Understand your philosophy, what you’re building and who you’re serving. You will go far.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A sundial. How can you further elaborate on your desires? It’s time to be a boss. If you’ve been playing small, quit it. If you’ve been waiting to become more of an expert, that’s enough. No one else can tell you when you’re ready. Only you get to do that. Only you get to use the time that you have. And time is not your enemy. If you notice yourself in a battle with time, just know that you’re only fighting yourself. You’re allowed to be great. And you already are. So just step forward.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Scattered light sparkles. Can you get a little more playful? This is not a time to be serious. It’s time to be jolly. Imagine the most carefree thing. Now act like that. Scatter this energy around. If you model this energy, other people might get uncomfortable by your jolliness. Let them. Stiff resistance to joy has no place in your world. Not everything has to be work. You’ll melt the resistance within yourself by having more fun. You’ll invite in ease. And that will help you see things with a new perspective.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Interwoven branches and leaves. The message here is that you are living in a lush world. There is beauty all around you. The interwoven leaves disguise and reveal. But what is behind the curtain of branches? Look around for clues. The branches reveal an abundance of life. This lush environment supports growth. It’s happening even if it’s momentarily disguised by a fear of scarcity. Now take that truth inward and know that you’re supported. You’re safe to feel your feelings. You’re safe to dissolve and let go. You’re safe to evolve. You’re safe to live. Memorize these ideas. Imprint them onto your psyche. Breathe into the spaces these ideas reveal.