Horoscopes for March 20-26


Aries or Aries Rising 

Surfing the waves.

Find the exhilaration of freedom. This is your time to step out. This week you solidify your independence. Your anger will rise if you feel that anyone is undervaluing you or holding you back. If this happens, notice the anger and work with it productively. Give it your full attention, but don’t let it own you. Stay balanced on the building wave and enjoy the ride. Slice through the water in a clear and powerful direction. Make yourself free on every level. Free from comparison, free from scarcity mindset, free from self-doubt. There will be currents of energy coming through this week that help you do this. Stay open to the journey and ride the waves.


Taurus or Taurus Rising

Blowing dandelion seeds.

Make wishes this week. The action in your chart is happening on the subconscious level. This means that you can determine what you would like to change on the conscious level, but the real work is going to be happening below the surface. Your subconscious mind loves symbols and rituals. If there is something you are ready to let go of, you can use your imagination to put it into a leaf and then throw the leaf into a rushing river. If there are wishes you would like to make, make a wish on a dandelion seed pod and blow the seeds out into the open air so that your desires take root. Or create any ritual that you would like. The idea is to set intentions and create real world “evidence” for your subconscious that the effect is taking place.


Gemini or Gemini Rising 

Drinking from a water fountain.

You are tapping into an endless source. Examine your thirst in life. Are you thirsty for financial stability? Justice? Knowledge? Can you break into a new mindset around this? Can you free yourself from lack? Know that you have access to abundance of whatever it is you desire. Even if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface. The fountain is there. You just have to turn it on. 


Cancer or Cancer Rising 

Cotton candy.

This symbol represents awards and personal satisfaction. There is action happening in your career area of your chart this week. Are you ready for expansion here? Are you ready for lightening bolts of inspiration? This mindset shift may be paired with some high emotion like anger. If that happens, let it help break you into seeing things in a new way. Just don’t let it overtake you. As you open up to higher understanding, you will be primed to achieve new levels of sweet and fluffy satisfaction. 


Leo or Leo Rising

Making a clean cut through butter.

Slicing through. A clean, straight line. It’s time to go after what you want. You are ready for forward motion. Progress. Do a mental inventory of which parts of your psyche are on board to move forward. The Adventurous part of you is, certainly. The Sage archetype within you is saying, “Sign me up!” But what about the 6-year old who is afraid of being different? What about the Anxious one within who is not sure if she belongs? Can you convince these parts of you to get on board? Listen to each and every part of your psyche who has something to say. Listen, empathize and help them learn a new story so that you can proceed on your path. 


Virgo or Virgo Rising

Whitewater rafting.

Adventure in the depths of emotion. This journey requires focus and courage. It’s time to free yourself by letting go and moving on. Begin a study on forgiveness. You can let go and forgive in exactly the way that you need to now. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. It can be something that you put into motion now, and then let it happen slowly. Flowing through the rapids can be fun if you let go of control. Steer your ship just enough by staying in tune with your emotions. Trust the river of emotions. 


Libra or Libra Rising

A clear view of pristine landscape.

You are looking for simplicity and balance. As well as aesthetic harmony. Find that in your relationships now. Keep your side of the street clean as you communicate very clearly about how you feel and what you need. Look for balance by reaching out to find out what the other person needs and feels. There may be a high desire to rebel a little bit right now. Watch it. Remember that your overall need is for harmony and peace. Stay centered.


Scorpio or Scorpio Rising 

Making a trail of breadcrumbs.

You’re able to remember your way home. Home to yourself. Home to your body. You don’t need to worry about what’s just beyond the bend right now. Focus on organizing your immediate environment. Be present in the moment and take good care of your body. It’s time to stabilize your schedule. Remember how to slow down. Remember to give yourself nourishment. Use the energy that you have to help yourself feel grounded.


Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Sliding fast through the tunnel of a slide.

It’s time for play. Let yourself go. Let yourself enjoy the freedom of self-expression. Lightness, play and creativity are so important right now. If you hold back from them, there will be a part ofyour psyche that will feel ignored and a little rebellious. So shower yourself with love and appreciation. Prove it to yourself by having some fun. 


Capricorn or Capricorn Rising 

Raccoon prints in the snow.

Resourcefulness. It’s time for you to get clear about the depths of your resources and abilities. if you have felt like you’ve been scrambling to keep up, maybe it’s time to just let go of that. Maybe what you are doing is enough. Maybe you have enough skills, enough resources, enough support. Maybe there is another way of looking at this. Try to put yourself in a real or imagined nest of safety and protection. Keep reminding yourself that you have enough, you are enough. You are safe.



Aquarius or Aquarius Rising 

Leaves rustling at the top of a tree.

You are being beckoned to higher height of understanding. It’s time to jump into a new stream of thought. There’s information that you haven’t yet discovered, and it can really help you. If there is a situation that feels stuck or painful, choose to get curious. How can you think about it differently? It’s time to break free of a mindset that’s been holding you back. 



Pisces or Pisces Rising 

A pyramid.

There is an idea that the pyramid shape is filled with powerful energy. It is stabilizing. It’s time for you to fill yourself with stabilizing and powerful energy. This energy is self-love. Think of a situation or task that is on your mind. What would happen if you brought more love to this idea? Love for yourself. Trust in the universe. Stabilize yourself by holding onto the gentle awareness that love is the base of your pyramid. From the feeling of love you can build the exact life you desire.