Horoscopes for January 23rd-29th

image by the numinous

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Letting balloons drift up to the sky. You are holding on to a new identity. Now you have to let it go. Is that a trick? If you just figured out something new, why should you let it go? It’s because this journey is about lightness and exploration. You’re starting fresh right now with some new motives and interests, and that’s good, they will continue to grow like tiny seeds. The thing is that you can’t put too much pressure on yourself right now.You have to be light and curious and let go of the outcome. Loosen your grip and let your shiny new balloons drift up to the sky. You aren’t losing anything when you do this. You’re just making room for more exploration.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Illustrations from the story “Where the wild things are.” You are creeping in and out of a magical enchanted forest. Hide yourself behind shimmering green leaves. Find an enchanted clearing in the woods where you can commune with strange creatures. Let yourself be even weirder than usual. Go inward and don’t be afraid of what you’ll find. Know that everything that happens is meant to support your higher self in growth. The enchanted forest idea gives you license to hide away, create ritual, and invite magic into your life. Prioritize this journey.

Aries :: Aries Rising
A hawk soars in circles. You are preparing for the kill. Dinner. Maybe it sounds too violent. It’s just part of life when we are talking about hawk hunting for food. Bring this metaphor into your life. What do you need to pounce on? You’ve got a battle to be won, but it’s not just for your own survival (food),it’s actually for the greater good. Be very discerning about how you spend your time. Find some higher perspective. The world needs you to be at your best right now so that you can lead us into battle.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
The elephant lifts her trunk up and calls out. It’s time to take up space. It’s time to be steady, strong and unmovable. Mostly this will happen around your career. But also, you can think of yourself as a force out in the public eye. Your endurance and persistence are always a gift to those around you, but right now you’ve got something even more important to offer. You are an immovable wall. And people are going to need to lean on you. Pull up energy from the Earth and get ready to stand tall and be a beacon of hope. When you need support, remember that Mother Earth has got your back. She can transmute all worries.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Fields of daisies, faces turned toward the sun. Look toward the light. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by worry or fear. You are supported, in your community of daisies. That is enough. You’re grounded, roots in the soil. That is enough.You have the sun to inspire and guide you. That is enough. Keep looking toward the sun, it’s a metaphor for creative center of humanity. Those philosophers, teachers and leaders who inspire you. Keep their words close. Seek an elevated perspective that will carry you through. Don’t deny yourself precious sunlight by accidentally focusing on fear. A habit like that will get you nowhere right now.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
The goddess luxuriates on her shell. Focus on the sacral chakra and the water element. You are ready to give birth to something new. You may have to move through some intense emotions in order to clear the channel. Some things have to die away in order to create a new direction. What you create right now has to come as the natural result of having completed a cycle. Look closely at your life and define the evolution you’re experiencing right now. What is ending? What is starting? What’s the emotional experience of letting go? Let the emotions flow. Validate your emotions. Feel the security that comes from allowing your emotions to be what they are.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A window. The window separates and reveals. This is like you in relationship. You are in a dance of moving closer- yet defining yourself more. You can do this either alone or with a partner. Either way, the current project is helping you discover: This is who I am. This is what I say “no” to and “yes” to. This is how I want to reveal myself. This is how I can be vulnerable. This is how I can receive. This is how I can give. This is how I can empathize. These contracts that you’re making with yourself are very important. They’re a critical blueprint for sharing yourself in relationship. Too often we skip this step and end up unintentional and unhappy. Get clear about how you want to separate and reveal yourself in relationship.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Sipping a sweet drink with a straw. Nourish yourself with sweet nectars. It’s time to draw in energy that supports you and stabilizes you. You need to refresh. Get healthy. Your tendency is to do this from a fear-based state. The sweet nectar suggests that you need to be very positive with yourself. Nurtures yourself, improve your habits but do it with kindness and gentleness. Imagine that you have an abundance of health. Anything extra that you do to refresh yourself is just for pure fun and enjoyment. Your healthy habits need to be developed from a stable place, not because you’re worried, worn-out or comparing yourself.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Threading a needle. Getting ready to create. Getting ready to build, to make, to weave, to construct. What will it be that you thread together right now? Center yourself with joy. Stop over scheduling yourself, staying busy, and saying yes to everything. Stop all of that and focus on what brings you meaning. What makes you feel alive and enlivened. Be very discriminating about how you “go through the motions” right now. It it’s not bringing you meaning then it’s a waste of energy.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A leaping frog. Finding space for joyful transitions. You may be feeling sensitive or delicate this week. That’s okay. Let yourself flow. You will make the transition from tadpole to frog soon. You don’t have to push it. All you have to do now is nurture yourself. Find ways to baby yourself. Take good care. Love who you are. Let yourself grow and transition. This is not a time to hold back in any way from loving yourself. Just flow with it.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
An ant’s body. You are getting down into the nitty-gritty of anatomy. Into the tiniest of details. The minute separations. Stop focusing so much on the details. This is your natural state right now, but it’s not necessarily comfortable. Hold on the micro and the macro at once. Keep in mind the bigger picture and the details that make it beautiful. But don’t spin your wheels because you don’t know where you’re going. What would be fun to learn right now? What would be fun to share? That’s it. Nothing needs be more complicated than that. Plant seeds of clarity and intention. Start with the big picture and let that determine the details.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A stick. What can you do with a stick? Don’t underestimate your resources right now. For example, a stick may just look like a stick, but maybe it’s fuel, maybe it’s a weapon, maybe it’s medicine, maybe it’s support, maybe it’s a writing tool, maybe it’s a bridge or a gate or a boundary. Don’t take anything at face value. The world is much more abundant than it seems. You’ll be rewarded when you consider your resources.You’ll know how to build from here and what to build. You’ll feel like you have so many more options for growth when you take stock of what you’re already built.