Horoscopes for January 9th-15th

image by the numinous

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A frog swims gracefully underwater, it’s arms and legs stretched long. Frogs are always transformational. This is a transformative time for you. You are looking for something outside yourself to augment your transition. Maybe this thing you seek will nourish you. Maybe it will challenge you. You can reach out in hopes of understanding a different perspective. Your partnership zone is lit up with emotion this week. It can be hard to stretch yourself to make room for another person. It can be hard to be vulnerable. It can be hard to compromise. Stretching to make room for someone else is the thing that will help you grow.


Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Scratching at the sand. Scratching. You are drafting something. There’s a sense here that you’re working something out. You’re coming up with different solutions to the problem you are trying to solve. Making a draft, rubbing it out, trying again. Can you stay really grounded right now? There’s a reason that you are doing this problem solving / drafting / creating on the earthy sand and not on a chalkboard or paper. Tend to the organization of your environment. Make sure that your body is nourished with the right nutrients. Drink water. Stretch. These little things will help you work out the problem you’re trying to solve. Don’t rush the solution. Let it unfold, piece by piece.


Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Blowing bubbles. Creating something beautiful. The bubble shimmers and floats. It’s iridescent in the moonlight. What is the meaning of this? Is it about hope? Is it about love? Satisfaction? Play? It’s all of theses things. Creating something big, shimmering and bold. Believing in it fully, even though you know that eventually, it’s going to pop. Watching it pop and then simply blowing another one. Investing in the creation of it, and then letting go of the outcome. Playing.What is play? Being totally present in the moment, with of lightness. Where do you need to bring in more lightness? Play, have fun, show off, shimmer, be light, be full, and gracefully let it go.


Aries :: Aries Rising
Running fox. The fox is you, Aries. There’s a lot of activity happening at your base. It may feel unsettling, as if you have to stay in motion. You have to keep on the move, figuring it out as you go along. Make sure to remind yourself that you are safe. Emotional security is available to you. You have all of the support, tools and resources that you need. All you need to do is allow them. When a situation or environment is difficult, try a new approach. Look for a broader perspective. Try to see the forest and not just the trees.


Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A prism. Watching light shine through a prism. It creates a rainbow on the wall. The angles of the prism caused the light to shift and the result is breath-taking. Be adaptable right now. You will be making adjustments and coming up with new conclusions. You can’t always set out on a course and know with certainty where you’ll end up. Sometimes fear or anxiety can arise when you hold on too much to a certain outcome. That pressure can stop you from even beginning. Let go of the outcome. Put your heart into rainbow trust. The result may be unexpected, but more beautiful than you can imagine right now.


Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A caterpillar munching on a leaf. You’ve got so much eating and storing and growing to do. Sustenance. You need to be able to keep going for a long time. The caterpillar’s body shape is long too. The energy for you right now is step-by-step. Segment by segment. Building. Working at a slow and steady pace. Having a vague idea of the goal. Knowing that you can’t do it all today, but you can do a little bit. You can have patience. Remember that you don’t yet have the full picture. Someday, you may turn into a beautiful butterfly. But you can’t know about that yet. For now, your task is to keep building from where you are.


Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A match burns. The match represents your singularity of purpose. And the energy that you can use to achieve it. Light yourself up this week. Find your inspiration. You must focus. And you must take action. The action that you take should be just for you and for no-one else. Say yes to what you want. Say no to what you don’t want. Live fully. You don’t need to focus this way every single moment. But at the right moments, gather your attention, strike your match, and light a fire within yourself. Burn bright.


Leo :: Leo Rising
Reaching your hand into a hole. This is a mystery. You are reaching for something you can’t see right now. It can feel risky to reach into the darkness. What is waiting for you on the other side? Honor the power of your subconscious mind. There is so much that you have yet to understand. Try to reach in. Go under. Go deep within yourself. Let go of what you can see on this side of the veil and travel deep into your subconscious. Investigate your dream world. Meditate, keep a dream journal, try hypnosis. You need to explore. Let go of your conscious reality for a moment. Dive in and learn more about the hidden patterns of your mind. Discover greater depths.


Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Pac-man’s universe. Back and forth. Eating, being hunted. Constantly encountering the same foe. It’s a game of skill. If you succeed, the game gets more challenging. It seems like you need to get out of this rat-race. Your future can be so much more than just survival and small rewards. What is your greater purpose? What are your hopes for the future? Who is your community that will support you? You don’t have to be all alone out there. You aren’t locked into a maze filled with glowing enemies. Start seeing opportunities in every problem. Create solutions that are bigger than you are. Find ways that you can be of service. Activate your hopes and dreams.


Libra :: Libra Rising
Washing walls. You are taking care of the structures that you’ve created. There are some basic chores you need to do. Maintenance. It’s time to set yourself up really well. So that you can achieve great heights. Get all of your systems into place. Be a great manager for your life. Automate as many things as you can. You need be able to serve on a high level. Get structured. This will all mostly have to do with your career. If you can get your career systems structured and aligned, you will advance rapidly. Get to work.


Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A flame thrower. Bam. Wow. What is going on? Why are you throwing flames, dear Scorpio? It’s time to take your personal “fire” and propel it outside of yourself. Your fire is your passion, your creativity, your individuality, your courage, and your inspiration. Get out there in the world, and light it up. Explore. Share your spirit. Don’t stand in the shadows right now. Your experiment is to be a little more wild and free. Dance if you need to. Be like Katniss Everdeen in the twirling fire dress. Loud, bold, and relentlessly unapologetic.


Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Child’s pose. How much more can you surrender? How much more deeply can you bow? Do you think that you have to do all of it all by yourself? Do you think that you’re not supported? That’s just a mental block. That can be dissolved. Use your gratitude to dissolve it. You are held. You are supported. The more that you let go of control, the more space you will open up for healing waters to cleanse you. It can feel good to give up—if giving up is an act of faith. Try it.