Horoscopes for December 26th-January 1st

image by the numinous

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
A dragon whipping it’s tail. You’re ready to go! A new start, a new world is yours. This is your annual reset. In the East, the dragon symbolizes self-confidence and power (among other things). It’s time for you to accept and affirm who you are. You have to do this for yourself. Nobody else can affirm you. Nobody else can convince you that you’re great, if you don’t believe it first. Envision yourself as the dragon, powerfully whipping your tail. You deserve to be here. You deserve to light up the world. Your individual spirit is a gift. Step into your own legacy with strength and a sense of wonder.


Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Pinewood derby. In a pinewood derby racing event, each cub scout receives a block of wood and is responsible for carving and shaping it into an aerodynamic car. It’s about building something out of basic materials and understanding simple physics. You need to do some carving too, but of your mental patterns. It’s time to go back to the basics and restructure your subconscious thought patterns. You’re responsible for the shape of your thoughts and the momentum of your feelings. Slow down your thinking. When you have a thought pattern that isn’t lifting you up energetically you can say “cancel” or “delete.” Forgive yourself and the thought pattern. When you have a low-vibration thought about someone, retrace your steps and make amends. This is reprogramming! This practice will give you momentum in a direction that is enlivening. It’ll put you on track.


Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Quilt squares. A quilt tells a story. Each fabric patch has a history and meaning. It’s time for you to share your story with a broader audience. There is meaning and wisdom in what you have to share. Your story can teach each of us how we are special. You can be a model. Remember that you are connected in your community. Your may have to bring your community together in a new way. You may need to be with friends. Share ideas with your tribe. Use this time as an inspiring chance to connect through stories. Make sure to keep the conversation positive and nourishing.


Aries :: Aries Rising
The flame of a rocket. The rocket symbolizes success in career endeavors. It’s time to be noticed in your career. But, it’s also time to change your beliefs about what success is. Review your plans and update your agreements this week. These can be literal agreements or unconscious agreements. Is something ready to shift in your career? Are you ready for a different approach? If you aren’t sure, spend some time journaling. Become very clear about your vision for your career. It’s time for fresh intentions in this area of your life.


Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A deep belly laugh. How are you engaging with life? It’s time to practice being amused. This is your time to be in love with the life that you have. Look for ways to get inspired if you need to. Respond to life with a deep belly laugh. Create meaning even in difficult situations. All of this may be hard to hear, depending on the life situation you are working with. Notice resistance, give yourself empathy. And then laugh at life anyway. Practice a different kind of response. We are all just bozos on the bus. Clowns in the clown car. We are trying. Remember that you’re on a journey and it’s important to have fun in the moment. Laugh.


Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A few of your favorite things. Count your blessings. Be in a state of gratitude, some of the time. This New Moon positions you to forgive and let go. Acceptance is so close for you. But to get to this state, you also need to reckon with your need for control. This week, you may naturally find yourself reviewing the past. As you do so you will get a chance to feel feelings you weren’t able to feel before. Allow the feelings to flow through. Notice where you try to maintain control in order to keep yourself safe. Focus on gratitude and let go of the old stuff you don’t need to carry anymore.


Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Bracelets. A bracelet is symbolic of luck, prosperity and happy love affairs. This week’s New Moon lights up your house of relationship, so this symbol is auspicious. Lean into the feeling of comfort that prosperity can bring. Lean into the feeling of fulfillment that a drama-free relationship can bring. Without judging or questioning whether these are feelings you have right now, just imagine these feelings and relax into them. You might want to close your eyes and deepen your breath while you do this. Imagining that you feel a desired feeling is a magic spell. That’s it— magic! Why is this exercise important? Because right now you get a fresh start on your relationship patterns. It’s time to go back over old stories, process, release, and start anew. As you work with this process, remain aware of your vision for how you want to feel.


Leo :: Leo Rising
The spotlight. Take care of your body. Your spirit is shining through so bright. Like a beam. Like a spotlight. Yet, you need to make sure that healthy habits are supporting your spirit. Eat regular meals, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate. This all supports your creativity, which is a light for the world. Another thing to consider right now is the quality of the thoughts that you’re entertaining. To keep your vibration high you must monitor your thoughts and your words. This is another kind of practice. Stay vigilant about the types of conversations that you get into. Thoughts become things. Develop healthy practices that support your mental and physical health.


Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Swimming laps. Reaching out to your full length as you swim laps across the pool. Stretch out an arm, kick out a leg. It’s graceful and rhythmic. You need to create a routine that supports your maximum expansion out in the world. Set intentions this week about how you want to expand your creativity. It may seem counter-intuitive to have to plan out how to have fun or be creative. But it really is something that needs it’s own lane in the pool right now. It’s important to funnel yourself in the direction of creativity, joy and lightness.


Libra :: Libra Rising
A goddess in a shell. You are bringing elegance into your home life. Nest. Take care of your needs to be safe, rested and nurtured. It will make you feel good to bring a subtle awareness of grace into your daily life. Into your domestic life. If you are dining alone, light candles and bring out the good napkins. If you are working from home, set up a beautiful work space for yourself. If you are enjoying holiday festivities make your rituals both glamorous and comforting. On a deeper level, these practices remind your inner child that you are “worth it.” Being mindful of comfort and grace is deeply soothing to your spirit.


Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A kaleidoscope. Look into the kaleidoscope and see the colors and shapes morphing into a new arrangement. This is important right now because you are currently adapting. Your mindset is twisting into a new pattern of colors and shapes. Be ready to flow. You may be surprised by some of the changes. Invite them in. Throw open the door to growth. New, new, new. You can make your beliefs new and different. What belief is ready to get an update? (Clue, what part of your life feels stuck?) Just choose to believe something new. It will be amazing to see the images that emerge.


Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Fish eating leaves. The abundance of the Earth! The vast majority of the Earth teems with life. Deep in the sea there are strange creatures that are hard to even imagine. Animals live on the fringes of ice caps. There may even be life forms that inhabit sub-glacial lakes on the Earth’s poles. The creativity of life is endless. How does this affect you? You have this same abundant spirit within you. You are a creator and you are filled with possibility. The only thing is that your abundance can be hard to see sometimes, because it’s not always a concrete thought form. Now is the time to remind yourself that you are abundant and you are worthy. It might be hard to “prove it” to your conscious mind with “facts.” You may decide to feel it instead. Focus on the moment and feel your abundance now. Keep practicing. Keep focusing on the now and you will feel the abundance that you are.