Horoscopes for December 5th-11th

image by the numinous

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Pine cone. These last two years have been a time of massive growth. That growth continues. But you’ve been working at it long enough now that you have borne some fruit. A seed pod that is ready to be planted and fertilized. How will you tend to this seed, moving forward? Will you be focused enough to care for your vision until it reaches the height of a great tree? You are a natural adaptor. It is in your nature to shift to the next point of progression, and then the next, and then the next. But right now, it is becoming apparent that you need to stay dedicated to one seed, one project. You must be determined.


Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
The point where the sky meets the sea. The horizon line is both blurred and defined. Can you be defined and blurry at the same time? Can you allow yourself to know and not know? What do you feel you have to be certain about right now? What happens when you let it go? Let yourself be soft and vulnerable. You can try to build yourself up to being a good worker, a good member of society, a success. You may want to get your personality all boxed in and defined. But the truth is that you just don’t know yet. You are still a distance from the point of resolution. The horizon line is a vision, not a destination. It is always receding in the distance. Your true work right is not in defining yourself and your world, but in giving yourself space to feel. Let yourself be blurry and undefined as you work through old emotions and stories that are stored in your subconscious mind. Give yourself space to feel.


Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Veins in a leaf. The veins of the leaf carry water and minerals to all of the cells of the leaf, and they bring sucrose through the leaf and out to the rest of the plant. The veins are connective channels. You are strengthening yourself as a connective channel. Connecting yourself with society. Connecting yourself with your vision. Connecting social groups with causes. You are the conduit that brings together people and ideas.You need to strengthen how you do this. How can you connect socially and conceptually in a way that feels supportive instead of draining? It may be useful to consider monitoring how you interact with social media or news. You may feel a need to strengthen your community. This is a time for you to work on your long lasting friendships. Lean on your community for a sense of stability. Understand how all is interconnected.


Pisces :: Pisces Rising
A dusty trail leading up. Climbing, climbing. Don’t be worried about the dust and the stones on your path. Some dirt under your fingernails now is a sign of hard work and persistence. Breathe deep within yourself and feel how strong you are. How you are able to just keep driving forward. This is your time to find stability in your career. Now you can feel truly supported by the hard work that you have been doing. It pays off. Know that where you apply effort, it will be rewarded. It may not happen exactly on your timeframe, but it will happen. Think of being truly devoted in your career. You may be a temporary workaholic right now. The key words for you now are effort and discipline. Lean into these qualities as you make your way up the trail.


Aries :: Aries Rising
Bundles of red flowers. Luscious, lively, red flowers. Red— the color of passion and energy. This is your time to harness your passion. Step into leadership. You want to share your spirit with the world. Let your creative expression light a fire. You are seeking a higher philosophy. You are on a project to educate yourself about either a philosophical or spiritual subject. Make lots of room for perspective and compassion. The red flowers symbolize that you may be excited about the idea of bad things happening to bad people. Turn your mind toward compassion instead. More anger will just keep the wheel of destruction turning. Find a higher perspective that is sturdy enough to sustain you for a long time.


Taurus :: Taurus Rising
An enamel teapot whistling shrilly on the stove. The long wait is over. The water has boiled. What have you been waiting for? Has a cycle come to a new stage of completion? Think about how you move through changes. It is necessary to let the old things fall away. The trees do it when they lose their leaves. The insects do it when they move through their stages of development. Look to nature for inspiration. Each season completely accepts itself. Summer doesn’t argue that it should be winter. Your fear may mark a place where you are resisting letting go. Your anger, another form of fear, may mark that place as well. Let your feelings inform you of what it’s time to let go of. It’s time to move bravely to the next stage. You can’t control how it goes.


Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Turning over cards. Show your hand. You can’t hide anymore. Everything is out in the open. Can you be perfectly vulnerable with another person? Acknowledge that your past experience has taught you some things about love and relationships. Some of these things need to be unlearned, and some of them are really working for you. Use your clever mind to figure out which are which and then sit still with the knowledge that you have acquired. Build new behavior out of it. This has been a changeable time for you in relationship. A relationship that is solid and is based on truth will stand the test of time. (And right now, time is testing!) A relationship that is not in alignment will be scraped away like sand on the banks of the river. Moving back into the flow, almost as if it was never there. Whether you are in a relationship or not, this is a time of solid learning and growth around your relationship behaviors. Apply yourself to the task of learning.


Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Tree roots. Root yourself down like a tree. Envision yourself a seedling that needs to be tended. Wrap arms around yourself. Feel your roots growing deep into soil. Tend to the basics—for the tree that means water, sunlight, healthy soil. Take this idea and transfer it to yourself—water, rest, nutrition, movement, love, friendship. Right now, make moves to support yourself on small practical levels. Drink your green smoothie in the morning, meditate, get enough sleep. This is your work. Do this work well and it will support you to reach great heights of love. That love will provide you with meaning. Use this time to learn how to live your life in a way of wellness and meaning.


Leo :: Leo Rising
Fireworks. You are a rocket of energy. Like a firework blasting into the sky and exploding into millions of colors. Flames exploding and then disappearing. Burning out exactly the way they were designed to. How can you structure your creativity to be like fireworks? How can you structure your creativity to explode and then reinvent itself, rekindle the flame and explode again? It may sometimes feel like so much effort, so much work to share your light. It may feel like work to get yourself into a creative state of mind, but once there, that momentum can carry you forward. Focus on getting the structure in place that helps you share your light. Creativity needs structure and right now you are in a position to create that. Share your light. Don’t hold back Don’t allow laziness or lack of focus to get in your way. Structure is what you need for the purest expression of creativity.


Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Curled up in the fetal position. There are two parts to your message: the first is let go of your concern for all of the day-to-day worries. Let go of trying to make yourself perfect. The second part is to create as much support around you as you can so that you feel very loved. So that you feel very safe. Let yourself rest in a nest of love. Of nurturance. How can you ease your mind into this space of safety? Can you nudge yourself into a cocoon? Into a hug? Can you let yourself sink into it so that you feel completely supported, loved and held? Let go of the everyday inconveniences, worries and goals. And sink into the supportive nest that reminds you that you are loved and that love is all around you. Do what you need to do to allow your mind to receive this state of being.


Libra :: Libra Rising
Pencilling in the answers on a quiz. This pop quiz in school is helping you learn the basics. You need to go back over the basics. Study up. So that you can communicate to your highest level and connect with your community at your highest level. You need to structure your mind now. Get serious about how you learn and how you deliver your message. There is no longer any possibility of cutting corners in this department. You need to show up in your classroom, at your job, or at your desk with all of your faculties polished and ready to go. You can’t hold back your message any longer. You need to let it find a way through. You need to deliver. It’s time to become serious about what your mind has to offer.


Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A spider web glistening with dew. The spider web suggests that you are starting to feel creative, but there could also be a sense of danger. To be creative, one must have one’s need for security met. It is so important it is to feel safe. It’s so important to feel like you are allowed to be here. Strengthen the belief within you that you deserve to be alive. Know that all of life is valuable and that you are worthy. Denying yourself your own worthiness is the same as suffocation. Sit on the ground and let yourself sink into the earth. Know that you are of the earth and that you are supported by the earth. And that you deserve to be here. Everything about you is valuable. Your feelings are valid. Feel your feelings one by one. Let them flow through you. Let them bring you to a point of catharsis so that you are healed, stable and ready to serve. You are a great listener and a great source of security to those around you. But none of these gifts are able to shine if you don’t give them to yourself first. Settle into yourself and know that you are worthy.