Horoscopes for July 22nd-24th

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Hello Loves,

Here are your horoscopes (scroll all the way down.)

This week's Capricorn Full Moon brings awesome new structure to my life. These horoscopes will shift from a weekend format to a weekly format. Giving you guidance that lasts the whole week long! The first will be posted Monday July 25th. 

I'll also be doing readings for the Full Moon and New Moon. I'm so excited about this new offering! Subscribe to my newsletter if you want them direct to your inbox.

Here's a little #lifehack project for everyone who is feeling the current vibes...

Let's call it the Mercury inconjunct Pluto and Neptune Square Saturn "reality/evolution check."

New Years is 5+ months away. I know that seems far, but what would it be like to up your New Year’s Resolutions game this year? 

Your challenge should you choose to accept it. 

Ask yourself:

What do you want to change?

What is on the spectrum between annoying—> painful about your health, relationships, productivity, work, or money?

1. Get a big piece of paper, markers, colored pencils, post-its etc, and make a list of the actual things that are bothering you right now. It could be the little things like the way you check your email or bigger things like health or relationships. (For the big things, it helps to get specific though.)

2. Then close your eyes and imagine how you would like each thing to feel instead. Write or draw a symbol of the feeling next to the item. (you can collage too!)

3. Look again and decide what would need to happen for that thing to change by 2017.  Is it an easy fix, or is it more complicated?  It might be that 2 or 3 things need to happen. Decide what needs to happen and when. Write down things that need to happen for this issue to change. Assign each thing a date. Can it happen by January 1st, 2017? (Maybe 2017 is too soon, if so put a date down that seems more realistic. But remember, we tend to move more slowly with this kind of stuff then we need to, so stretch yourself.)

4. Put this list up somewhere in the real world where you can see it every day.

5. When you look at it, focus on the feeling symbol that you created. Evoke that feeling repetitively.

6. Check back in monthly and evaluate your progress. Notice if you need to make adjustments to the goal or the feeling symbol.

7. If you like, check in with me and let me know how it's going. hello@strongeyeastrology.com

By the way, Happy Sun In Leo!! We'll be talking all about Leo in the coming weeks. If you are a Leo and it's been a while since you've had a reading, schedule with me. We will look at your Solar Return Birthday chart.

xoxo Sandy

Leo :: Leo Rising
A candle’s flickering light. You are a light and it is part of your purpose to shine for the world. Not your ego, but your soul. Now is a time for you to really align with your dreams and make the adjustments you need to make to get there. Define what you want and define how you want to feel. The adjustments will focus mainly on your daily habits. You may be ready to light up your meditation practice. Focus on your breathing. Be more present in your body. Start or expand habits that enhance your health. Add moments of relaxation into your day. If you can let the small parts of your daily life evolve, the larger themes will too.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising Sun
Running through a sprinkler. Your ability to refine and improve upon the world is one of your biggest strengths. Your intuition is strong right now, and on some level it is telling you that you are ready to refine your experience of joy in the world. It may come across as a nagging inner voice urging that something’s got to give—there is too much criticism and not enough lightness. How can you get more in tune with your creativity and experience a more carefree lifestyle? Acceptance is a good place to start. As the serenity prayer states; “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Gratitude comes next. Get grateful for every moment, gift and lesson. And then, set the intention to experience joy, laughter, love and creativity more fully.

Libra :: Libra Rising Sun
Playing basketball. It’s easy for you to move gracefully through life, dribbling the ball from one hand to another metaphorically as you weigh decisions and appease both sides. Lately, you may feel too caught up in what is going on with others, and that concern is at odds with your need to focus on yourself and your own emotions. Protect your time and space. Refuse to be swept away by external events. Stay true to your calendar and your own needs. Ask yourself what you want out of life. Ask yourself how you want to love and be loved. Ask yourself how you want to feel secure. There will be enough energy left over for your friends. Which is a good thing, because you are going to need to blow off steam this weekend too. After you nourish yourself, go out and have fun! Play, frolic and have good deep talks that solve the world’s problems and leave you feeling inspired.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A cyclone. This is a great time for you to apply a cyclone’s worth of force to your career. Focus on what makes you feel like your heart is beating faster, your creativity is surging, and joy is filling your spirit. If there is frustration right now, it would be coming from your sometimes serious mindset, and how that relates to your work. It could be time for you to change some of your earliest beliefs about hard work. Make work and learning feel light and easy. Let go of the notion that “life has to be a certain way.” Life can be any way. There are no rules, really. If you are looking for a guidepost, focus on generosity in your career and let go of out-dated ideas.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Stepping gingerly across a stone pathway in a river. You’ve got to free your wild and crazy heart. Get to the other side of the river. Go! Have fun. But don’t forget to send us a postcard. Don’t forget to budget, call your parents, and pay your taxes. Don’t stay longer than your visa allows. Don’t eschew your responsibilities. You are at a frustrated point where your heart is calling for joy! expansion! travel! fun! But at the same time it may feel like the bottom is going to fall out at any moment and reveal how fragile you are. That little part of your DNA that screams for your survival is causing quite the raucous. It cries; “I’ve got to stay alive! Am I safe enough? Am I protected? Will I have enough food/water/shelter/etc.?” Find the balance. Do whatever will make you feel most free. That’s what you came here for, anyway—to live on a vibration of enthusiasm. But don’t ignore your security needs either. Find a way to do both. Explore the world and pay attention to your need for financial security.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
First snowfall—fresh bright snowflakes drifting down through sunlight. Whatever is formal about your nature is yearning to melt away right now. To kneel. To surrender. To recede into the background, as you ride wave after wave of emotion. You can’t manage everything. Right now, you only need to manage your ability to remain consciously aware, and filled with compassion for yourself and your experience. You may be at a time where you are grieving something. If so, let it all fall away. Let go of how you are supposed to be or what you are supposed to be doing. Merge with your feelings. Dig deep for understanding. Get clear about motivation— your own and others. And love the humanity of what you find.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Digging your hands into the earth. Dig deeper to see what is underneath. The focus is on partnership. You can find great joy in that department now, certainly. Any kind of primary partnership holds joy for you now, whether it’s a lover, best-friend, or business partner. But there is a catch. Some kind of trigger may help you notice a belief system about partnership that you subscribe to. It may be a belief that has been subconscious. Try to catch it. Try to bring old beliefs about partnership to your conscious mind. There may be a story you need to let go of, and now is the time. Questions you can ask yourself, “Did I ever make an agreement with myself to be alone?” “What does it mean to be worthy?— Is it something to be earned?” “Did I ever feel ‘different’ and if so, does that make me defective?” “Could anyone else really understand me?”

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Icarus flies toward the sun. The moral of the Icarus story is “Aim for the middle course and be balanced.” Nothing could be more appropriate for you right now, dear Pisces. Your current focus is to joyfully create moderation in your daily life. This is for the purpose of improving the quality of your life. You may have hold-ups. There may be some sort of frustration around trying to reach for your big dreams and feeling disenchanted. Just focus on the daily stuff and you will keep your perspective straight. Don’t look down. (Or up.) Just keep flapping those wings perfectly and aim for middle course.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Drinking water from a well after a long journey. It is time for you to stock up on all of the joyful and wonderful things about life. Fill your cup. Be with friends. Love and cherish. Create. Do it all and have so much fun. You may be frustrated by some aspect of your career, and that’s fine—it’s temporary. It has to do with your need to toe the line, to maintain that status quo. That all might be feeling a bit tired right now. And frankly, downright frustrating. Just keep thinking about what you love to do. Keep opening your heart to the idea of being recognized. Your soul needs refreshment.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Pressing your forehead against a horse’s face. You are yearning to feel safe. Really, really safe. Revel in creating a cove for yourself. Make your home joyous and magical. Go inward. Yet, notice if there is a tickle somewhere in the back of your mind spurring you toward a new kind of freedom. It may be a freedom of body— an urge to travel or explore. Or it may be a freedom of mind— a need for a new philosophy to build your empire around. As you settle down in your cove and get centered, notice what your intuition is telling you about your new North Star. Sometimes we need to get quiet in order to really dream.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A dragonfly flits along the surface of the lake. You are the dragonfly as you skim the surface looking for inspiration, new ideas and people to connect with. You skim the surface because you are moving so fast. And it’s fun. This is a very creative time for you. Ideas and inspirations are flowing. Writing especially can be very rewarding. If you aren’t yet, try to get recognition for your brain. Share your fantastical mind with the world and wait for the applause. Of course there is some tension as well, this weekend it comes from the area of your chart that rules emotional, physical, and spiritual merging. Don’t be afraid of going deep. Don’t be afraid of dipping under the water, baring your soul and your emotions. Don’t be afraid of your human nature. Be real. Steady yourself for someone else and be there for yourself by following your emotions to their root.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A heart overflowing with love. You’ve got such tender, romantic energy surrounding you right now. Open your heart. Investigate the place where you want to close off, and remember that you are always safe. When you feel vulnerable, remember that you can wisely protect yourself and be open-hearted too. The rose rules the heart and it has necessary thorns. What does it mean to open your heart? It has to do with trust. With trusting yourself to set appropriate boundaries. It has more to do with your relationship with yourself, than with anyone else. It’s about knowing what you want to say yes to, and what you want to say no to. Enforcing your boundaries is easy when you believe in your self-worth. All of this may sound like a greeting card. But heart-opening is an ancient and practical business. Figure out what will make you feel safe enough to do it and lean further into the abyss.