Horoscopes June 24-26

image by the numinous

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Rows of corn. Reaching for the sun, growing straight and tall. You are so full of feeling and love. Keep coming back to the energy of love. Go slow. You will know when you are ready to act when your heart is full of love. If there are frustrations, transmute them with gratitude. Doing all of this will help you break through into new territory in your vocation. Nurturing yourself with loving thoughts will help you grow toward the sun.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A torch made of pine branches. You have energy to light up the world. You have energy to travel and make new philosophical discoveries. It’s important to remember that if you go out into the world without a support system at home, you land harder when you fall. So make sure that you put energy into your family and your home zone. Then set out and explore. Stay open to changes and new ideas on your journey. If you look without judging, you will see the truth.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Staring into face of a bull. Are you being challenged? Be very aware of power dynamics. Notice where you are needing control. Notice where you are wanting to break free. Once you bring these topics to your awareness, think it through. Logically. Remember, lots of feelings may be coming to the surface right now. If you are anxious, that is fear. Decide if you are safe or if you need to run. You are probably safe, but you may need to remind your subconscious mind of that fact. If you are angry, it means you need to set a boundary. If you are resentful, it means you are angry and you need to set a boundary. Continue learning about your feelings and the power dynamics that you are operating within.

Libra :: Libra Rising
A pyramid. You are all over the place with your boundaries. Normally you know how far forward you can lean to try to please someone without toppling over. But right now it’s clear that you are in need of centering and balance. Meditate on the pyramid. It can’t be knocked over. Find your stable center. You are whole. You are enough.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Running up a hill. Your pace may feel erratic right now and that’s usually not your favorite feeling. Mind your endurance and your daily habits. Don’t be worried if your energy is lagging— on an energetic level you are running up hill and it may help to acknowledge that consciously. Two things are important right now: make sure that you’re able to be yourself and be certain that your habits are in alignment with the life you want to lead.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
A handheld decorative fan. Take a step back. Recline in an elegant setting. Sudden shifts and changes are happening around how you express yourself. You have to go inward and reflect in order to let this new birth take place.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Puppies playing in a heap. Change is happening in your home or with your family. Sudden shifts, unknown outcomes. Simultaneously it may feel natural to put energy into building up your friend groups and communities. Focus on your dreams and inspirations. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
Grasping for handfuls of berries and eating them. Grasping for berries is like grasping for information. It may feel like there is an urgency around getting the facts. But the truth is that you can’t always know. You can’t always be sure. If you choose to be flexible and open-minded right now, you have a chance to shift your mindset. This shift happens in the career sector of your chart. You may be able to see your career in a new way, and if so you will have the energy to make change happen. Just make sure you keep the peace at the same time.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Looking for a sailboat on the horizon. This is the energy of anticipation. Lots of changes are happening around your value systems and your personal philosophies. Reach far from the philosophies you were taught as a child and gather new ones that fit your life better now. Allowing change to happen will help you feel more stable in the long run. If you try to hold on to the old ways, it will backfire. Become open to new possibilities— wisdom will follow.

Aries :: Aries Rising
Practicing yoga on a grassy lawn, hands and feet digging into the earth. Sometimes the symbol that comes through signifies how you are and sometimes it signifies what you need to do. This time, it’s pretty clear that you need solace and grounding. There are fiery explosions happening in the areas of your chart that rule your identity and your evolution. You can shift from feeling like “it is happening to me” to “I am committed to awareness.” Set up the boundaries that you need to set up. Become very aware of your actions and the motivations behind those actions. To do this, you need to slow down a teeny bit and cultivate mindfulness.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A peacock showing off his feathers. You may be ready to change the entire framework of your subconscious. Get really clear about what stories are “in the driver’s seat.” Especially when it comes to relationships. Whatever you are feeling about relationships right now sheds bright light on your patterning. And it’s time to shift your old patterns. Dig into the hard work of creating new beliefs. Release old feelings. Be brave now and you will be ready to flaunt your feathers very soon.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
A game of Simon Says. You may be feeling like it is time for revolution. It’s beginning to seem wrong to just blindly follow the leader. I wonder about how the news is affecting you lately? Focus your energy on your health and the organization of your daily life and habits. Then use the energy you have left over to change the world.