Horoscopes June 10-12

image by the numinous

Gemini or Gemini Rising
A yellow bird flies across the sky. Free yourself. Everything you do is your choice. You have control. Convince yourself of that fact. Demands may be piling up in different sectors: home and family, career, relationship. How can you make yourself feel just a little bit more free? You may have to free yourself from an old pattern. Make different choices. Or make the same choices, but raise your awareness about why you choosing it. This will help you remember that you are in control.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
A stone underwater. Get grounded. Get in your body. You may have to retreat momentarily. There’s a lot of stimuli coming at you. You’ve been doing a great job at learning new things and making new connections, but it may be suddenly feeling like information overload. Things may be getting foggy. You’ve got to go back to square one and tend to your health and the organization of your daily life. Meditation is the best thing you can do right now. Tend to your mindset.

Leo :: Leo Rising
A pile of pointy ice crystals. Where is your feeling of safety coming from right now? Security (both physical and metaphysical) needs to be bolstered so that you can be the creative superstar you need to be. If your creativity feels shattered or scattered, it’s time to dig into learning more about what makes you feel like you are thriving. Is it money? Space? Nature? Good food? A deep connection with another person? Make a plan to get your needs met.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
A friendly dog. You are called to serve, but it’s time to make clear choices about how you can best use your energy. There may be some major changes or constraints happening with your home and/or family and that situation may be putting you under pressure. It’s a good time to define your boundaries so that you maintain abundant energy.

Libra :: Libra Rising
Smoothing down soil with your hands after planting a seed. You need to clear your mind so that you can absorb the most important lessons. Make a lot of space for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Think of this as a time of adaptation. How can you adapt better to your environment? What small shifts need to be made? This time period is a high learning curve, so be a good student and take copious notes.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
A bat flies out of a cave carrying a piece of the night sky. You are digging into the mysteries of life as usual, but this time there is a tangible and practical edge to your quest. How can you feel physically safe? What is this elusive feeling of security all about? Feed your need for security not by choosing the risk-free, complacent path, but by getting a little bit metaphysical about it. On a soul-level you are always safe. Lean into that feeling of security. Your best bet right now is to focus on your dreams and what gives you creative satisfaction. Meanwhile, work to feel more grounded in your body. This combination will allay any fears of the unknown.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Horses eating grass. It’s not an easy road right now, but your robust nature will get you through. Current heavy feelings are designed to get you motivated to define and enliven your work life, your home life and your relationships— so that’s something to strive for! Your symbol, “horses eating grass,” encourages you to feed and nourish yourself. Take that as a reminder to find a philosophy that works for you. Craft a mission statement that will help you make sense of what you are learning and any challenges you may face. Take yourself seriously. Heighten your awareness. Even better, craft a rite of passage for yourself because you are going through a shift that will help you live a more fulfilling life.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Head bowed in meditation. Your growing edge right now has to do with your spirituality. How do you make space for the Mysteries in your life? Typically, your general tendency is to build and implement, but right now your best bet is to retreat inward and focus on your higher purpose. You have all kinds of assistance when it comes to learning, so let that motivate you to Seek. Gather knowledge and create meaning that will sustain you.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising
People hugging. The same section of the Astrological chart that rules friendships also rules hopes and dreams. Strange, right? Does it make more sense when we add in the knowledge that we are not only influenced by our friends, but we are strongly influenced by our friends’ friends? With our modern technology, our circle of friends is becoming bigger and more important than ever. Now is your moment to make some choices about what you are aiming for in life, and who you want in your lifeboat. You may be facing difficult decisions about friendships and you may need to reinvigorate your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Combine these two ideas and hone in on what you want and then build yourself a really good team to help you get there.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
Wings flapping. You are almost ready to soar, but you need to iron out a few things first. For starters, there is still work to be done when it comes to being in alignment with your vocation. You are needing to take your career very seriously right now. Stay positive if you can, the tendency here is to get a little morose when it comes to work thoughts. But it’s all part of the plan to build you up to being in total alignment. You need to focus on figuring it out, but the first step is to make sure that you have good boundaries when it comes to your relationships. Say yes to what you want to say yes to, and no to what you want to say no to. Teach people how to treat you. And be kind and empathetic. It may seem unrelated, but if you can create functional relationships, your career will thrive.

Aries :: Aries Rising
A lobster. The last thing you ever want is to feel trapped. Interesting that as a lobster grows, it must shed it’s shell. Are you outgrowing your environment? Are new philosophies making the old ways obsolete?  You are learning at a lightning speed and growth is inevitable. The pressure may be building as you are becoming less comfortable with old patterns. When you are ready to cut yourself free, you will do so all at once. To prepare for that moment, what you can do right now is fine-tune your daily habits and organization. Create mental and spiritual space through meditation or a mindfulness practice. Simplify your life so that you can step into your new skin unencumbered and free.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
A train chugging along. You are trying to maintain status quo, but it may feel as if seismic shifts are happening under your feet. The pressure is on to evolve. Big time. This may be obvious, or it may take another form. It may take the form of emotional numbness, confusion, intense sex-drive or power imbalances. Everything that happens right now is an opportunity for introspection. Leave no stone unturned. Dig deep into your motivation. Make “why” the question of the week. Ask your friends to be honest with you about how you are showing up in the world. Walk into the fire of change. Why? Because it is what will allow you to bring your best “you” to the world. It will wake you up.