#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 12/25/15

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising ::

A golden pyramid shining in the sunlight. You have your own stability. You are whole. The Full Moon on Friday in your relationship sector pushes you toward understanding “the other.” Relationships can bring us joy and they can teach us about ourselves. Regardless of whether or not you are currently in a relationship, there is plenty here to study. Raising consciousness about your thoughts of other people can help you see what you think about yourself. We are often projecting our own wishes and fears onto others. Take notice. Owning your “stuff” makes life so much easier! The image of the pyramid is reminding you that you are strong and whole.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising :: 

Many delicate white flowers. The flowers symbolize the perfection of nature. Love and honor the perfect order that is all around you. The Full Moon on Friday may illuminate a way for you to nurture this same order in your own mind. Use the arts of meditation, intention, and affirmation to create an orderly and peaceful mindset. Begin with emotions. Notice your emotions, honor your emotions and shift your thinking to create emotions that feel good.

Pisces or Pisces Rising :: 

Ropes hanging down from the clouds. Pull yourself up to a new level of fun, fairytale, joy, and imagination. The Full Moon on Friday offers you the opportunity to foster the kind of imagination that came so naturally to you when you were a child. As adults, we have to be active participants with our imaginations. We have to open the door, open the window, climb up the rope and play in the nether regions of our minds. Nurture this part of yourself and your sense of joy will reach great heights.

Aries or Aries Rising :: 

A silver locket engraved with a star. Family photos in the locket. Held close to the heart. Encased and adorned.

Friday’s Full Moon puts your focus on home and family. Some of us spend time with family at this time of year and some of us don’t- either way, thoughts of family are bound to come up during the holidays. Emotions can be anywhere on the spectrum of peaceful to painful when it comes to the subject of family. Family relationships become easier when we understand on a visceral level what is ours and what is not ours. When we know our own boundaries, emotions become more clear and less complicated. The idea of the locket is interesting because it is held next to the body on a chain, but it is clearly not of the body. It is separate. The locket suggests a cherishing that can be possible when we learn to differentiate between ourselves and our family. 

Taurus or Taurus Rising :: 

The sound of laughter. Friday’s Full Moon is helping you learn and communicate. As the learning unfolds meditate on the sound of laughter. Why? Laughter is a primal communication of wellness. It is among the first sounds that a baby makes to communicate. Thinking about laughter and actually laughing will help you remember that you are safe and nurtured. Your learning curve may be high right now, but all is well. With perfectly humorous timing, you are right where you need to be. 

Gemini or Gemini Rising :: 

Fresh bread slathered with butter. You are fully secure, sated and abundant. Look for proof of wealth everywhere around you. Even a bag of flour in your cupboard is proof of wealth if you want it to be. Abundance is a mental state and as a Gemini, you are comfortable with the tricks and turns of your mind. So if you are having a hard time garnering up a feeling of abundance, just trick yourself into it! Or, we could say, fine tune your thinking so that you see abundance everywhere you look. 

If you already have ease in your sense of abundance, then view the Full Moon on Friday as an opportunity to revel in it in true holiday fashion. 

Cancer or Cancer Rising :: 

A train at full speed. This is all about knowing who you are and where you are going. Friday’s Full Moon is helping you understand yourself. Be thrilled by the speed of the train! As you intuitively follow your heart, you create the track ahead of you. Watch as it lights up. Do exactly what you want to do. Be exactly who you want to be. Relax into your intuitive knowing of who you are and where you are going and enjoy the ride.

Leo or Leo Rising ::

Roots moving deeper into the earth. Friday’s Full Moon brings you deep into secret chambers of your subconscious. Focus on this realm. This requires going inward. This requires slowing down. Give yourself a mini-retreat. During this time, study your dreams and meditate. You might even want to try a little self-hypnosis. All in an attempt to draw awareness to some of your subconscious thoughts. Think of your subconscious realm as your root system. It is what is underground, under the horizon. The strength of the root system is vital to the health of the plant. If you allow this inward growth to happen, in a very short time you will find yourself flourishing.

Virgo or Virgo Rising ::

Objects colliding in space. Friday’s Full Moon brings a bit of chaos into your universe. Don’t be afraid- it's possible that chaos is not your favorite thing! Sometimes the surprise of chaos is what is needed. Especially now when you are stepping into your future. Your future is not going to be the same old thing. You are about to download new inspirations and make new connections that will allow you to create an upgraded framework. This framework will allow for more creativity in your life.

Libra or Libra Rising ::

A ladder to the sun. So much transition is happening. You are ready to define where you want to be. If you have been afraid of, or avoiding success you may decide to take notice of that on Friday’s Full Moon. If you have been comfortable with your sense of success you may define new goals and orient yourself toward them. This is your moment to climb your ladder to the top and survey the landscape. Are you comfortable in your ascent? What impact on society would you choose to have? How would you most like to be of service?

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising :: 

Starfish at the bottom of the sea. The view of the sea floor is encouraging you to take on a new perspective. Over the last month you may have made discoveries about what you value. Next month you may take on new leadership roles. The Full Moon on Friday offers you a chance to zoom out, check out the big picture and define your path. Where do you want to go? Mental physical or spiritual exploration will help you decide. Remember, on your journeys, take the path of least resistance. Let it be intuitive and fun.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising :: 

Sparks flying through the air. Friday’s Full Moon brings you to a point of new understanding. A re-birth. You have learned and grown so much recently. You are now able to transition to the next level if you so choose. Allow your spark to transition into a flame. How to do this? A belief that you are not worthy will stamp out your spark. A belief in your inherent worthiness will fan the flame. Meditation on the connectedness of your spirit may help you believe in your own worthiness.