#HoroscopesForTheWeekend 10/23/15

A woman lies on a field, her face is nestled on the most delicate pillow of violets.
Allow yourself to be held by the beauty in the world. Receive.

A digger sifts through a mountain of soil, looking for precious metals. 
You may be doing some deep digging. Focus on the process and not the product.

Icarus flies too close to the sun, but this time, his wings don’t melt. Instead, he becomes the sun. 
This is a moment to shine. As long as you can believe that you are allowed to.

An alchemist realizes that he has transformed his inner self to gold.
You are ready to discover that you can offer yourself all of the security that you seek.

A hawk’s feather is turned into a pen.
You are so sensitive and you are so ready for change. Don’t allow your defense mechanisms to get in the way of your growth.

A dog is leading his pack across frozen soil.
You are inspired but the terrain is unknown and potentially hazardous. Trust in your ability.

A microbe lives inside a horn that is played in a symphony.
Intense creativity is possible, and it is actually all around you.

A turtle looking for home.
Define yourself through your connection to your home, your family, your ancestors. You are looking for a specific kind of grounding. Find it by looking at your situation in a new way.

A goldfish discovers a new chamber in the coral. It is filled with food.
Allow for new discoveries on the micro level and the macro level. If you are looking for inspiration about what currently matters to the collective- now is your moment to find it.

A mother raven guards her eggs.
You have so much to hold on to and so much to let go of. Stay focused on what is important.

A child discovers a shortcut on the way to school.
Get ready for a major breakthrough.

A runner runs a race that leads over the edge of a cliff, but the runner learns to fly in midair.
You may be dealing with something unexpected. Some unconscious pattern is getting worked out. Be open to inspiration and new solutions.